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Can you name the Wikipedia article titles from their first five internal links?

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Internal linksArticle title
salt, fatty acid, surfactants, washing, bathing
Major League Baseball, center fielder, New York Yankees, hitting streak, MVP
physicist, chemist, radioactivity, multiple sciences, University of Paris
multinational, agricultural biotechnology, Creve Coeur, Missouri, genetically engineered, seed
biofilm, teeth, colonization, microorganisms, pathogenic
depression, planet, moon, Solar System, hypervelocity
soldiers, British Army, uniforms, regiments, artillery
Lakota, tent, nomadic, Great Plains, stereotypically
surgical, incisions, abdomen, laparotomy, uterus
paper and pencil, guessing game, letters, stick figure, tally mark
weapon, Star Wars, universe, laser, sword
United States, black tie, dance, high school, Homecoming
Chinese, philosopher, Spring and Autumn Period, Chinese history, Hundred Schools of Thought
castrated, hormonal, impotent, celibate, sexual
Southern, slave states, secession from the United States, American Civil War, Union
face, disguise, performance, entertainment, ceremonial
humanist, transcendentalism, realism, free verse, Leaves of Grass
puppeteer, screenwriter, director, producer, The Muppets
acrobatic, flip, head, roll, trampolining
best-selling female recording artist of all time, Guinness World Records, Time, contemporary music, Bay City, Michigan

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