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Can you name the Wikipedia article titles from their first five internal links?

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Internal linksArticle title
telephone, elocution, US patent, optical telecommunications, hydrofoils
Lower Manhattan, New York City, upper middle class, bohemian, Beat movement
France, Navarre, King of the French, execution, French Revolution
abolitionist, women's rights, slavery, Swartekill, Ulster County
Nahuatl, tlatoani, Tenochtitlan, Mesoamerica, Europeans
medicine, tube, Syrians, reeds, urethra
metro Pittsburgh, hamburger, McDonald's, fast food restaurant, American cheese
stage name, rapper, model, Comedian, Golden Globe
country music, fourth season, American Idol, multi-platinum selling, Grammy Awards
medical signs, body temperature, set-point, muscle tone, shivering
human, analysis, material culture, artifacts, architecture
Irish, Gothic, Dracula, Henry Irving, Lyceum Theatre
Altria Group, Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Benson & Hedges, Merit
human, group, people, consanguinity, matrilocal
question, phrase, puzzle, metaphorical, allegorical
eyes, sorrow, elation, awe, pleasure
patriotic, government, convention, marches, hymns
comedy, HBO, Seinfeld, Larry David, Los Angeles
logogram, conjunction, ligature, Latin, per se
Abrahamic, God's will, crimes, minor errors, deadly misdeeds

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