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LolcatEnglishYear published
omg i dont see teh hoomin hez invizibol1952
thare eyz wuz watchin teh ceilin cat1937
stoarie of mai dinnur namd pieter1902
a hoal senturie uv bein a lonli cat1967
all abowt beginin uv catz & uthr aminulz & plantz & evreetin1859
im definitlee gonna eat dat burd lol1960
it taik'z a braiv cat 2 be a hoapin cat2006
teh hoomin who plai'd wit teh hot colur'z2009
LolcatEnglishYear published
teh appel juse cat condo roolz1985
pikchur of artcat as lil kitin1916
hoomin'z gaid 2 exploarin outur spase1979
a lil bug im gonna eat and its also hongrie1969
uv mise & hoominz mmmmm mise1937
a rly big cat & a scarry cat ladie & a dresur1950
teh old hoomin & teh gr8 big waturz1952
baby lolcatz bed1963

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