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Logo DescriptionBand
The band's name with a lightning bolt splitting the name in half.
Pistols shooting out two flowers.
A hand holding a grenade shaped like a heart.
A white M, with the exception of the orange tip in the mddle.
A flying V (not the guitar) and a flying H.
It's just the band's name vertically going over and over again.
A triangle with a rainbow going through and behind it.
2 script F's inside a circle.
Logo DescriptionBand
A winged circle with an A inside the circle.
A heart with a winged sword through it.
Two lions, both wearing crowns, holding a large Q with a crab on it and a crown inside it. A phoenix watches over the lions and crab.
Three verticle lines. The outer two are the same size, while the one between the two is noticably larger.
A red, white, and blue target.
Four B's interlocking with each other.
A guitar pic with the band's name on it.

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