Peds Oncology Medication AEs Match-LUCOP

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DrugAdverse Event
 A.) Pulmonary toxicity*, hypersensitivity reaction, skin reactions
 B.) Hyperglycemia, hypertension, osteopenia, etc.
 C.) Hypotension during infusion, myelosuppression, secondary malignancies
 D.) Myelosuppression, N/V, myalgias, mild hepatotoxicity
 E.) Nephrotoxicity*, delayed N/V*, neurotoxicity, magnesium and potassium waisting, myelosuppression, ototoxicity
 F.) Delayed myelosuppression, sterility, pulmonary fibrosis, neurotoxicity
 G.) Myelosuppression*, Delayed N/V*, nephrotoxicity*, neurotoxicity, magnesium and potassium waisting, otoxicity
 H.) Diarrhea*, myelosuppression, hepatotoxicity
DrugAdverse Event
 I.) N/V, bone marrow suppression, cardiotoxicity*, vesicant
 J.) Myelosuppression*, hemorraghic cystitis*, N/V, sterility, SIADH, alopecia
 K.) Mucositis*, renal toxicity*, hepatotoxicity*, myelosuppression
 L.) Severe N/V, radiation recall, photosensitivity, myelosuppression
 M.) Delayed myelosuppression, severe N/V, photosensitivity
 N.) Neurotoxicity, constipation, SIADH, neurotoxin*
 O.) Fever, chemical conjunctivitis, N/V, myelosuppression
 P.) Hemorrhagic cystitis, neurotoxicity, myelosuppression, N/V

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