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Automobile industry, Model T, moving assembly line1863-1947
Microsoft 1955-
Standard Oil1839-1937
Steel industry1835-1919
Invented the phonograph and incandescence light bulb1847-1931
Corporate finance and industrial reorganization1837-1913
Long-time head of General Motors1875-1966
Motion pictures and theme parks1901-1966
Invented the telephone1847-1922
Invented the cotton gin, pioneered interchangeable parts1765-1825
Built the Great Northern Railway1838-1916
Long-time CEO of General Electric1935-
Harvesting machines1809-1884
Electronic equipment, computers, printers (partner listed below)1913-2001
Electronic equipment, computers, printers (partner listed above)1912-1996
Steamboats and railroads (nautical nickname)1794-1877
Railway air brake, electrical equipment, alternating current1846-1914
Ran his family's chemical firm and helped build GM1870-1954
Apple Computer, Pixar1955-2011
Self-named computer company1965-
IBM (his father is listed above)1914-1993
Fur trade and New York real estate1763-1848

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