National Holidays of the Western World

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November 18Independence Day
February 27Independence Day
November 1 Independence Day
September 15Independence Day
July 28Independence Day
September 15Independence Day
September 21, December 13Independence Day, Republic Day
June 2Republic Day
February 6, April 25Waitangi Day, ANZAC Day
Febraury 7Independence Day
January 1Triumph of the Revolution
August 6Independence Day
December 6Independence Day
September 15Independence Day
June 25Statehood Day
October 27Independence Day
October 1Independence Day
August 25Independence Day
January 26, April 25Australia Day, ANZAC Day
August 1Founding of the Swiss Federation
July 1Canada Day
May 17Constitution Day
September 16Independence Day
June 10Portugal Day
July 4Independence Day
August 10Independence Day
August 20St. Stephan's Day
May 15Independence Day
July 21Throne ascension of King Leopold I
September 21Independence Day
Febraury 23Republic Day
February 24Independence Day
November 25Independence Day
July 10Independence Day
September 1Constitution Day
June 23National Day
September 15Independence Day
May 3Constitution Day
November 3Independence Day
March 17St. Patrick's Day
June 5Constitution Day
March 3Liberation Day
July 20Independence Day
September 15Independence Day
May 14Independence Day
September 7Independence Day
October 12 National Day
October 26National Day
July 14Fete de la Federation (Bastille Day)
February 22Independence Day
June 6Swedish Flag Day
October 8Independence Day
April 30Queen's Day
October 3Unity Day
April 27Freedom Day
August 31Independence Day
October 28Czechoslovak Founding Day
November 3Independence Day
September 19Independence Day
Janaury 1Independence Day
March 25Independence Day
July 5Independence Day
May 25Revolution Day
February 16Independence Day
August 6Independence Day
September 18Independence Day
June 17Independence Day
December 1Unification Day

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