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829-839House of Wessex
839-856House of Wessex
856-860House of Wessex
860-865House of Wessex
865-871House of Wessex
871-899House of Wessex
899-924House of Wessex
924-939House of Wessex
939-946House of Wessex
946-955House of Wessex
955-959House of Wessex
959-975House of Wessex
975-978House of Wessex
978-1013 (First Reign)House of Wessex
1013-1014House of Denmark
1014-1016 (Second Reign)House of Wessex
1016House of Wessex
1016-1035House of Denmark
1035-1040House of Denmark
1040-1042House of Denmark
1042-1066House of Wessex
1066House of Wessex
1066-1087House of Normandy
1087-1100House of Normandy
1100-1135House of Normany
1135-1154House of Normandy
1154-1189House of Plantagenet
1189-1199House of Plantagenet
1199-1216House of Plantagenet
1216-1272House of Plantagenet
1272-1307House of Plantagenet
1307-1327House of Plantagenet
1327-1377House of Plantagenet
1377-1399House of Plantagenet
1399-1413House of Lancaster
1413-1422House of Lancaster
1422-1461 (First Reign)House of Lancaster
1461-1470 (First Reign)House of York
1470-1471 (Second Reign)House of Lancaster
1471-1483 (Second Reign)House of York
1483House of York
1483-1485House of York
1485-1509House of Tudor
1509-1547House of Tudor
1547-1553House of Tudor
1553Disputed Claimant
1553-1558House of Tudor
1558-1603House of Tudor
1603-1625House of Stuart
1625-1649House of Stuart
1653-1658Lord Protector
1658-1659Lord Protector
1649-1685House of Stuart
1685-1688House of Stuart
1689-1694House of Stuart
1689-1702House of Stuart
1702-1714House of Stuart
1714-1727House of Hanover
1727-1760House of Hanover
1760-1820House of Hanover
1820-1830House of Hanover
1830-1837House of Hanover
1837-1901House of Hanover
1901-1910House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
1910-1936House of Windsor
1936House of Windsor
1936-1952House of Windsor
1952-presentHouse of Windsor

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