Operation: KND Names

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Can you name the real names of the operatives from Codename: Kids Next Door?

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OperativeGiven NameSector
Numbuh OneSector V
Numbuh TwoSector V
Numbuh ThreeSector V
Numbuh FourSector V
Numbuh FiveSector V
Numbuh SixSector V
*Numbuh 11 (#5's Sister)(Formerly of) Sector V
Numbuh 5,000Sector V
Numbuh 83Sector W
Numbh 84Sector W
Numbuh 85Sector W
Numbuh 363Sector W
Numbuh 274Sector Q
OperativeGiven NameSector
Numbuh 362Moonbase
Numbuh 86Moonbase
Numbuh 99Moonbase
Numbuh 9Teen Sector of the KND
*Numbuh T(Formerly of) Sector W
*Numbuh 0Unknown
Numbuh 14Sector N
Numbuh 19th CenturyUnknown
Numbuh 0.1Missing Sector Z
Numbuh 0.2Missing Sector Z
Numbuh 0.3Missing Sector Z
Numbuh 0.4Missing Sector Z
Numbuh 0.5Missing Sector Z

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