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Can you name the the 'stan' country that is the answer to the question in the time limit?

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Kabul is the capital of which country?
Which 'stan's capital is Islamabad?
What is the only 'stan' that borders Russia?
The Kyzyl Kum Desert is in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and what other 'stan'?
What is the largest 'stan' country?
Which country's capital was formerly known as Frunze?
The Kara-Bogaz-Gol (or Garabogazköl) is a lagoon surrounded by which 'stan'?
Which 'stan's capital is Ashgabat?
What is Sporcle's favorite country?
What is the only 'stan' that borders 5 other 'stan' countries?
Lake Issyk-Kul is in which 'stan'?
What is the only 'stan' that borders an ocean?
Which 'stan's capital is Tashkent?
What is the smallest 'stan' country?
The Helmand River is the longest river in which 'stan'?

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