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Can you name the songs from the Danger Days album by My Chemical Romance?

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We could steal this car if your folks don't mind we could live forever if you've got the time
Are we still having fun, are you holding the gun, take the money and run
Sing it like the kids that are mean to you (c'mon!)
If you stay I would even wait all night or until my heart explodes
You know that big ball of radiation we call the sun? It'll burst you into flames if you stay in one place too long
You don't believe in God, I don't believe in luck, they don't believe in us, but I believe we're the enemy
Run run bunny run, run run bunny run
If we were all like you in the end, oh we'd be killing ourselves by sleeping in
I'll be your surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter
Bad news from the zones, tumbleweeds
Does the television make you feel the pills you ate, or every person that you need to be
What have we learned other than people burn in purifying flame
Everybody wants to change the world, but no one, no one wants to die
Talk about the past and rooting for the ones who want to get away
I'm shooting out of this room because I sure don't like the company

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