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•Phoebe Buffay actress ____ Kudrow•
Spielburg movie Schindler's ____
A condensed and watery gas
A baseball glove
•Joey Tribbiani actor ____ LeBlanc•
Synonym for reproduce
•Phoebe's husband ____ Hannigan•
A unit of measuring distance
One of the two genders
Dessert similar to a shake
What ice eventually does
What one wears on their wait
Class dismisser
To make or become gelatinous
•Reese Witherspoon appears as ____ Greene•
Men in Black stars ____ Smith
Air flow
What allows birds to fly
•Chandler's surname•
What many musicians do
What dense objects do in water
What you might be if you miss school
Santa's present holder
•Chandler's father-in-law's name•
A sporty school boy
Where a boat parks
An elevated patio
A fourth of a bushel
•The gang frequents the coffee shop The Central ____•
Type of meat
•The series takes place in New ____ City•
Part of an egg
Former President James K. ____
A survey
A cloth used to cover coffins
Synonym for 'buds'
Light hits of the hand
Kitchen necessities
•The paleontologist character•
A thorny flower
Past tense of 'ride'
Acting unpleasantly
1993 Notre Dame football film
•The name of Monica's mother•
A popular name for females
•The food lover of the show•

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