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Just a few of Berman's gems
Rick ______ Aguilera
Mike ________ Aldretti
Roberto ________ Alomar
Bert ________ Blyleven
Jim _______ Fregosi
Bobby ________ Gritch
Bernard __________ Gilkey
Todd ________ Helton
John ________ Kruk
Al ________ Leiter
Mike _______ Mussina
Rafael _________ Palmiero
Bruce _____________ Ruffin
Just a few of Berman's gems
Sammy _________ Sosa
Butch __________ Wynegar
Tom __________ Seaver
Jon ______________ Nunnally
Jim __________ Deshaies
Ron _____________ Cey
Rich _______________ Amaral
Dave _________ Collins
John _______________ Franco
Jim ______________ LeFebvre
Pat ______________ Listach
Mike _____________ Piazza

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