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Ranking employees by making a chart of all possible pairs of employees for each trait and indicating the better employee of the pair
A scale that lists a number of traits and a range of performance for each. The employee is then rated by identifying the score that best describes his or her level of performance f
A tendency to rate all employees in the middle of the scale
An appraisal scale that is to open interpretation of traits and standards
Having suprevisors electronically monitor the amount of computerized data an employee is processing per day and thereby his or her performance
The problem that occurs when a supervisor has a tendency to rate all employees either low or high
In performance appraisal, the problem that occurs when a supervisors rating of an employee on one trait biases the rating of that person on other traits
Predetermined percentages of ratees are placed in various performance categories
Ranking employees from best to worst on a particular trait
An interview in which the supervisor and employee review the appraisal and make plans to remedy deficiencies and reinforce strengths
A performance appraisal technique that uses multiple raters including peers, employees reporting to the appraisee, supervisor, and customers
The process encompassing all activities related to improving employee performance, productivity, and effectiveness
An appraisal method that aims to combine the benefits of narratives, critical incidents, and quantified ratings by anchoring a quatified scale with specific narritive examples of a
Keeping a record of uncommonly good or undesirable examples of an employee's work-related behaviour and reviewing the list with the employee at predetermined times
The rating error that occurs when ratings are basedon the employees most recent performance rather than on performance throughout the appraisal period
The tendency to give higher performance ratings to employees who are percieved to be similar to the rater in some way
Involves setting specific measurable goals with each employee and then periodically reviewing the progress made
The tendency to allow individual differences, such as age, race, and sex, to affect the appraisal ratings that these employees recieve

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