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A survey aimed at determining prevailing wage rates. A good salary survey provides specific wage rates for comparable jobs. Formal written questionaire surveys are the most compreh
Providing equal pay to male-dominated job classes and female-dominated job classes of equal value to the employer
A rate of pay that is above the pay range maximum
A series of steps or levels within a pay grade, usually based on years of service
Reducing the number of salary grades and ranges into just a few wide levels or 'bands,' each of which then contain a relatively wide range of jobs and salary levels
a systematic comparison to determine the relative worth of jobs within a firm
A graphic description of the relationship between the value of the job and the average wage paid for this job
a written description of the level of compensable factors required by jobsin each grade. Used to combine similar jobs into grades or classes
a method for categorizing jobs into groups
An integrated package of all rewards (monetary and nonmonetary, extrinsic and intrinsic) gained by employeesarrising from their employment
groups of jobs based on a set of rules for each class, such as amount of independent judgement, skill, physical effort and so forth. Classes usually contain similar jobs-such as al
groups of jobs based on a set of rules for each grade, where jobs are similar in difficulty but otherwise different.
A job that is critical to the firm's operations or commonly found in other organizations
Comprises jobs of approximatley equal value
The job evalutation method in which each of these factors is present in the job is determined, and an overall point value is calculated
a fundemental compensable element of a job, such as skill, effort, responsibility, and working conditions

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