US State capitals within phrases

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Can you name the US State capitals within these phrases?

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The Bridges of _______ CountyMovie
The _______ Witch TrialsHistorical Event
_______ FiveGroup
The Order of the _______Book
District of _______Region
Otto von _______Politician
_______ Bonham CarterActress
Sir Walter _______Explorer
_______ Olympics2002
Abraham _______Politician
_______cos F.C.Sports Team
_______ NineCampaigners
_______-HealeyCar Manufacturer
Christopher _______Explorer
_______ the ApostleReligious Figure
_______ LugnutsSports Team
_______ WardOnline Retailer
White Cliffs of _______Landmark
Divine _______Theological Concept
_______ Cream PieDessert
Joe _______Fromer Ice Hockey Professional
_______ de CoubertainFounder of the Modern Olympics
Texas _______ ExpeditionExpedition in 1841
Earl of _______King Henry VII
The _______Dance
Brown v. Board of Education of _______Supreme Court Decision
_______A Native American People
_______ CascadePaper Company
Dusty _______Singer
Walter 'Doc' _______Chracter from The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
_______ 500Race
_______ National Golf ClubHome of the US Masters
_______Character in the Movie Zombieland played by Woody Harrelson
Battle of _______1864 Battle of the Civil War
_______ (billiards)Game
Henri _______Dutch Egyptologist
_______ Restaurant & BarCanadian Restaurant Chain
_______ ConferenceMiddle East Peace Conference
Thomas _______Third President of the US (if you stuck City on the end of his name)
_______ (A Wonderful Town)Song by Middle of the Road
_______ OmeletteFoodstuff
_______1952 Movie starring Randolph Scott
Jim _______Radio Broadcaster
_______ RecordsRecord Label
_______ Sonic Boom TestsUS Government Experiments
_______Country and Western Music Scene
_______ MansionLandmark in Maryland
USS _______American steamship previously known as the SS Paris and the USS Yale
_______The only capital not yet mentioned in this quiz

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