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DescriptionPro Player
Considered The Most Unpredictable Player In Halo 3
Founder Of The Team Carbon
Known For Having A Great Strafing in Halo 3
Puts Eyes Very Close To The TV Screen When Playing
Inevnted A Hop That Makes A Player Harder To Hit
Does The Pro Tips On Xplay
Older Brother Of The Best Doubles Team Ever
Name Sounds Like A Ketchup Brand
Gamertag Named After Container Meant To Store Food
Best Sniper In Halo 3
Board Member Of Gamers Out Reach Foundation, Considered Best Strategist In The Game
Plays On Claw, TD Member
DescriptionPro Player
Won The Halo 3 FFA In Dallas Of 08
Younger Brother Of The Best Doubles Team Ever
Best Sniper On Triggers Down
Has A Very Short Temper
Had an Ugly Mustache In Orlando 08'
MLG Commentator Famous For His Rockets
Gamertag is An Old Russia Intelligence Organization
Invented A Way To Look Down In Order Avoid Getting shot In the Head From Behind
Accepted Money To Join Final Boss
Former Carbon Member, Than an Instinct Member, Than A Classic Member
Kicked Off of Str8 Rippin and Join Instinct

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