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Win conditionGameOther Details
Collect the most victory points by the end of the gameIf nobody chooses the 'Settle' phase, then this time around, the 'Settle' phase will not happen
Capture the opponent queen beeIn this game, grasshoppers actually do hop!
Build the most well-balanced farm by the end of turn 14Failure to feed your family results in you begging for food
Become the Daimyo with the most pointsSet in the Sengoku period of Japan, war brews
Catch Jack if you're the detective...... and escape if you're Jack!
Survive the scenerio if you're the heroes...... and kill off the heroes if you're the Overlord!
Take 3 consecutive flags or take 5 flagsYou can only have one of Darius or Alexander on your side
Reach the 'victory' spot on the dial or collect 50 pointsAll Tzeentch has to do to advance his dial is to corrupt areas with magic symbols
Escape the house...... unless you've been picked to backstab the party
Have the most points when the tiles are exhaustedYour meeple lie in fields to farm
Each team has a unique win conditionIf you're Unknown you can lie on hermit cards.
Score the most points with the chameleons you getTaking more than 3 of a color will cost you points
Finish the race ahead of everyone elseYou can claim a 'well-balanced sled' bonus if all three numbers are the same
The player with the most miserable family at the end of the game winsThe only game where you try and get your dog to drink and die of liver poisoning whilt your opponents try to give it a marriage.
Evolve your dinosaur the most before the meteor hitsFor some reason, getting a better tail allows you to go faster. Go figure.
Score the most points at the end of the game.Proudly proclaim the name of this game when you have nothing to give when your opponents demand resources from you.
You win if you save the most of your people from the volcanoYou may be a sacrafice to the volcano!
Be the civilization to score the most points at the end of the third ageYou probably do this by finishing your wonder
If your opponent has no pieces left to play, you winIt has a whole project dedicated to it!
Collect the most victory points by the end of year 5Rolling a 17 nets you the queen, but is that always your best move?
The person who collects the most point by the 4th fire winsLining up your people behind others makes the goods more expensive
Score the most prestige by building more castleYou may gain favour with king Philip as play goes on
Have the most victory points from provinces, duchies and estatesWitches like to curse you
Be the person with the most points when someone runs out of tilesWhen you line up 6 valid tiles, you score 6 bonus points
If you can legally play more pieces than your opponents, you beat themCorners only!
Win conditionGameOther Details
When no tiles can be played, the person who has the highest in the lowest scored colour winsScoring 18 in one colour gives you an extra move
If you cure all four diseases, you all win!Hopefully you don't have two epidemic cards in a row else you might have too many outbreaks...
Finish the race firstGoing up to 18 speed sounds great, but you might not be able to dodge the mines your opponents keep dropping.
Earn the most money by planting beansShuffling your hand is strictly forbidden in this game...
Collect the most points by the end of the gameYou cannot control races in decline unless you were using ghouls
Once someone has been contracted by a target number of cities, the person who can power the most winsThe fusion plant is so tempting...
Be the first person to accumulate 7 green cardsThe green cards are adjectives, the red ones are nouns
Prevent (or defeat) the Ancient One from entering our worldYou might want to save some of those Elder Signs...
Eliminate the other player's TitansBe prepared to toss buckets of dice playing this game
You want to survive and make the distance as the humans...... otherwise, you're a Cylon
The player with the most points when 4 ravens are collected wins the game.I am the Fortune Teller! So be it!
The winning condition depends on the scenerioControl one of Arythea, Goldyx, Norowas, or Tovak and decimate the countryside!
Earn victory points by building cities and buying development cardsRolling a 7 means you control the robber
When someone has 3 or less trains, the person with the most points at the end of that person's next turn winsHopefully the other players haven't cut off your access to one of your route cities...
Be the first person to reach level 10Backstabbing thieves are expected here
The detectives wins if they catch Mr. X before turn 22Mr. X is the only person who is allowed to use the boat
Complete the goal as stated on the goal cardThere are cards which change the rules of play
Each team has a unique win conditionIf you're the sheriff, you don't know who your deputies are
Decimate the opposing armyRolling flags force your opponent to retreat
Protect the ship for 10 minutes... but you have to do this in real time
Collect the most money at the end of the game without dyingI'm going to back down. That foam gun looks dangerous.
Kill the last Wu-feng incarnationThe game's ghosts will kill you.
Get to all the flags in order without being destroyedHopefully you remembered how the gears and converyer belts work or your program might not work as intended...
Whoever has the most points when someone completes 8 districts winsIf you assassinate the king, the king marker doesn't move
When no more tiles can be played, the person with the most money winsMerging hotels to your benifit!

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