Jesus of Suburbia

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I'm the5
the Jesus2
from the bible5
on a steady diet of 4
no one ever died5
as far as3
at least the ones4
but there's4
this is 5
in the land3
that don't3
get my television fix4
the living room4
while the5
to fall in love4
to alcohol and cigarettes3
to keep me insane5
but there's4
this is5
in a land3
that don't3
at the centre3
in the2
of the 7-114
the motto4
it says5
but what a shame3
doesn't beat 2
we're beating3
city of the dead7
signs misleading2
city of the damned6
no one really3
I read the graffiti4
like the holy scriptures4
and so it3
it didn't say much5
the centre of the Earth6
and I could3
city of the dead7
signs misleading2
city of the damned6
no one really3
I don't care3
I don't care3
I don't care4
everyone is so full of ****5
hearts recycled but never saved6
we are the kids of war and peace6
we are the stories and disciples4
land of make believe5
land of make believe4
and I don't care (whispers of 'who' in this bit not needed)12
I can't7
are we5
the space that's5
am I6
nobody's perfect4
for lack9
to live4
is to3
to run3
to find3
and I2
I lost4
this town3
so I4
to the3
and I7
and I walked this line6
I don't feel5
when there5
when you've2
you're leaving8

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