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Year & Genre(s)MoviePlot
2008: RomanceGirl goes gaga for shiny emo vampire
2008: ActionLiam Neeson kicks evil foreigners' asses
1990: SciFiAh-nold goes to Mars...or does he?
2008: ComedyDowney plays black man, gets Oscar nod
1958: Film-NoirWelles's last US film and the last true noir
1997: RomanceIcebergs, Kate Winslet topless, etc.
1982: ComedyDustin Hoffman makes for an ugly woman
1976: DramaDeNiro's had enough of New York's filth
1974: MusicLoud, long rock opera from The Who
1984: ComedyMockumentary about terrible rock group
1999: WarGulf War film with first good Clooney role
1984: Action/SciFiAustrian-accented killing machine goes back through time to kill dorky woman
1935: MusicalFred and Ginger's most famous flick
1996: MusicThe Wonders' single races up the charts
1996: ActionHuge tornado brings couple back together
1991: Road MovieLovable gals murder men, go on the lam
1998: DramaJim Carrey in his own Reality TV show
2007: DramaThis clue will drink your milkshake
2007: ActionMichael Bay crapfest with giant robots
1949: Noir/ThrillerMystery and intrigue in post-WWII Vienna
1962: DramaFrom the beloved American novel that's not actually about avian slaughter
1999: AnimatedOft-filmed apeman gets Disney treatment
1998: WarThe lesser of 1998's two big WWII movies
2004: DramaTom Hanks lives his life in an airport
1990: CreatureKevin Bacon vs. subterranean worms
1982: Horror/SciFiShape-shifting monster loose in Antarctica
1987: ComedyAbout a troika of gentlemen and an infant
2003: DramaBecoming a teenage girl is really hard
1974: HorrorKids run afoul of a family of cannibals: who will survive and what will be left of them?
Year & Genre(s)MoviePlot
1999: CrimeBi-curious Matt Damon kills Jude Law and then steals his life
1965: SpyBloated, underwater James Bond film
1981: FantasyYoung boy joins treasure-hunting dwarfs
2002: AnimatedRobert Louis Stevenson...in space
1996: CourtroomGrisham adaptation about rape and revenge
1996: SportsKevin Costner as a washed-up golfer
1989: ComedyTom Hanks gets upstaged by canine
1994: ActionI await the sequel, 'False Truths'
2004: EpicBrad Pitt = worst possible Achilles
1996: DramaScottish heroin addicts have fun times
2001: CrimeDenzel plays non-hero, wins Best Actor
2000: EnsembleThe war on drugs is a losing battle
1983: ComedyAykroyd and Murphy switch their stations
1998: ComedyBen Stiller gives Cameron Diaz a peculiar form of hair gel
1995: AnimatedPixar blows us all away with first feature
2004: ComedyEasily the best filmed statement on world politics made with marionettes
1974: DisasterSkyscraper fire threatens A-list actors
1970: WarPearl Harbor film with repetitive title
1986: ActionBeloved yet inane fighter pilot movie
1997: SpyBrosnan takes on media in 2nd Bond outing
1968/99: HeistInsurance agent falls for suave thief
1993: WesternWyatt Earp goes to AZ, kicks some ass
2002: ActionJason Statham B-movie with two sequels
1993: ThrillerTarantino-scripted 'romantic crime film'
2002: RomComBullock and Grant wade through formula
2005: SatireAaron Eckhart defends cigarettes as the bland face of corporate greed
2000: Drama/WarColin Farrell as a reluctant army recruit
1969: DramaA grueling dance marathon in the 1930s

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