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Updated Jul 1, 2014

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Year & Genre(s)MoviePlot
1977: SciFiLuke, Han, Leia, etc. You know the rest
1998: WarTom Hanks storms the beach at Normandy
2003: ComedyJack Black teaches kids to shred guitar
1977: DanceDisco makes studly Travolta a star
2009: DramaBest Pic nom. only the Coens could make
1972/2002: SciFiTarkovsky or Soderbergh, slow either way
2009: MysteryDowney and Law punch up Baker Street
1937/54/76:DramaAspiring actress falls for drunk falling star
2010: MysteryScorsese takes us to a Boston looney bin
2002: RomanceMaggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader have an unusual office romance
1977: SpyRoger Moore, in one of his better outings, teams up with sexy 'Agent XXX.' Yep.
1994: ActionLAPD vs. bomb on elevator, bus, subway
1999: HorrorGhost story made a ton, got Best Pic nom
1995: SciFiMurderous alien must mate with human
2004: DramedyWine aficinados on a bachelor party
1987: ComedyGeorge Lucas gets the spoof treatment
1965: MusicalSinging, Nazis, hills which are alive, etc.
1996: DramaBilly Bob says 'kaiser blade,' others say...
1960: EpicSwords n' sandals flick about slave revolt
2001: AnimatedJolly green ogre = megahit for Dreamworks
2001: FamilySecret agents' children save their parents
1956: WesternJohn Wayne sets out to murder his niece
1993: Bio/DramaGerman profiteer makes for Spielberg gem
1995: CultTawdry NC-17 film about Vegas strippers
1980: HorrorThe Overlook sure looks like a fun hotel
1997: SciFiSatire gets lost in the giant-bug shooting
2002: SuperheroRadioactive spider bite = better social life
2003: SportsOverlong, pretentious movie about horse
1995: ThrillerKevin Spacey vs. deadly sinners
Year & Genre(s)MoviePlot
1984: ConcertThe Talking Heads put on a helluva show
2001: ActionAction flick with Travolta & Hugh Jackman as a hacker(!?)
1996: HorrorWes Craven brings the slasher genre back
1971: ThrillerDrunk English louts besiege Dustin Hoffman
1983: GangsterYou wanna play? Say hello to my little clue
1993: SportsBaseball movie with a giant, ball-eating dog
2004: HorrorCheapo torture movie started big franchise
2003: ActionColin Farrell has special weapons, tactics
1950: Drama'Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up'
1989: RomanceJohn Cusack + boombox = dreamboat
1996: DramaMike Leigh film about privileged info, fibs
1992: ComedyWhoopi as zaniest nun since Julie Andrews
2005: SciFiJoss Whedon cult show gets a feature film
1957: DramaA Knight plays a chess game vs. Death
2004: ComedyEveryone's favorite zom/rom/com
2006: ActionSam Jackson has had it with those slithery reptiles
1995: RomanceGirls wait around, gossip, miscommunicate, wait around more in Austen adaptation
1993: EnsembleAltman shows slices of life in Los Angeles
2005: CrimeFrank Miller adapation, not about Las Vegas
1998: Thriller3 friends find 4 million in a bag and form...
1984: ComedyOMG! Everyone forgot my birthday!
2008: Romance/DramaBest Pic winner about star-crossed Indian lovers was almost released direct-to-DVD
1959: ComedyCrossdressers, the mob, & Marilyn Monroe
1982: DramaMs. Streep makes a very tough decision
1986: DramaOddly beloved tale of kids seeking corpse
2009: SciFiVenerable franchise gets JJ Abrams reboot
1973: CrimeRedford and Newman go for the long con
1996: ComedyVince Vaughn goes to Vegas, baby, Vegas

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