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Can you name the two movies which share the same title?

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Plot 1MoviePlot 2
1998: A retired ex-cop gets mixed up in murder2008: A withdrawn girl falls for a sparkly vampire
1980: Michael Caine leads a band of modern pirates2005: Ewan McGregor discovers he's a clone
1947: Henry Fonda is a persecuted priest 1993: Harrison Ford is a persecuted doctor
1946: Hitch's take on uranium-smuggling ex-Nazis2009: The rise and death of rapper Biggie Smalls
1983: Sean Penn is sent to reform school1995: Will Smith protects a murder witness
1998: TV show adaptation with Emma Peel and John Steed2012: Comic book adaptation with Iron Man and the Hulk
1960: A vengeful witch returns from the grave1977: Arab terrorists plot to blow up the Super Bowl
1995: College graduates resist entering the real world 2005: Will Ferrell takes over coaching a youth soccer team
1992: Cuba Gooding Jr. fights in the arena of underground boxing, takes a beating2000: Russell Crowe fights in the arena of the Coliseum, gives people beatings
1998: Steven Seagal must race against time to find a cure for a lethal virus2000: Mel Gibson must singlehandedly win the Revolutionary War
1933: Naive actress Katherine Hepburn is taken under the wing of theater veterans2010: Perky reporter Rachel McAdams turns a struggling morning show around
1996: Director David Cronenberg explores the sexual nature of car accidents2004: Director Paul Haggis explores the interconnected nature of racism
1986: Billy Crystal plays a streetwise Chicago cop who retires to Key West2006: Paul Walker ventures deep into the underworld to dispose of a gun
1981: A record salesman is obsessed with actress Lauren Bacall1996: A knife salesman is obsessed with baseball player Wesley Snipes
1990: Older cop Clint Eastwood is paired with wet-behind-the-ears Charlie Sheen2002: Older science teacher Dennis Quaid tries to make the major leagues
1994: Can a simple mailman use poetry to woo the woman of his dreams?1997: Can civilization be restored by Kevin Costner's attempts to deliver people's mail?
1956: A detemined horse owner tries to get her filly into the Kentucky Derby 1989: An all-black regiment fights against racism and the Confederacy
1987: Sam Elliot helps a frontier family fight outlaws in this Western1995: Sharon Stone enters a quickdraw contest in this Western

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