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Updated Apr 26, 2014

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Year & Genre(s)MoviePlot
1981: Action/AdventureSpielberg and Ford make every American boy want to be an archeologist
1936: CultMarijuana = evil in this 'educational' film
2001: MusicMarky Mark gets to front an 80s metal band
1940: MysteryGothic DuMaurier adaptation won Best Pic
2007: AnimatedPixar makes French kitchen rat lovable
1955: DramaJames Dean acts all James Deany
1976: SportsGot Stallone an acting AND writing nom.
1987: ComedySouthwestern whackos kidnap quintuplet
1997: CreatureEvil is loose in a Natural History Museum
1980: SportsDe Niro flick about a less-than-saintly boxer
2009: JourneyPost-apocalyptic film in a dying America
1994: FamilyMacaulay Culkin's last role for a long time
1985: Action/AdventureStallone saves U.S. POWs in a film that should probably be called 'Second Blood'
2000: DramaDrug addicts' dreams turn to nightmares
1998: ComedyWes Anderson film about annoying student
2002: HorrorEvil videotape ruins Naomi Watts' life
1987: ActionOnly a cyborg can stop Detroit crime wave
1996: RomanceBaz Luhrmann modernizes Shakespeare
1998: ComedyJackie Chan is quiet, Chris Tucker is not
1983: ComedyChicago teen opens a homemade brothel
1968: HorrorMia Farrow's pregnancy is going poorly
1983: HistoryCocky US astronauts head for space
1987: ActionAh-nold fights for his life on a game show
1973: AnimatedFamiliar story of Nottingham, with animals
1987: ComedyWoody Allen's tribute to a time before TV
1954: ThrillerCrippled voyeur is drawn into murder web
1950: DramaA crime is shown from 4 unique perspectives
1984: ActionBrat Pack fights guerrilla war vs. commies
1998: DramaDamon vs. Malkovich on the poker table
Year & Genre(s)MoviePlot
2002: ActionBale and McConaughey vs. dragons
1981: ActionMel Gibson must fend off homoerotic band of outlaws to protect gasoline
2005: MusicalEdgy musical adapted by...Chris Columbus
2008: DramaAcid-tinged take on suburbia apparently wrecked director Mendes's marriage
1993: SportsA kid pitches for the Cubs, inanity ensues
2008: HorrorEvil plants kill dumb American tourists
1953: RomancePeck and Hepburn travel in Italy, fall in love
1994: ComedyRyder, Hawke, and other mopey Gen-Xers
2008: DramaMawkish Oscar bait got Winslet the gold
1985: WarKurosawa's mishmash of King Lear
2002: ThrillerUnnecessary Silence of the Lambs prequel
2004: BiopicStandard-order music bio with Jamie Foxx
2010: ActionJude Law will take your internal organs
1984: ComedyPoindexter and co. get even with jocks
1955/95: DramaHorse needed: will exchange kingdom
2000: SportsA little football helps soothe racial tensions
1995: Action1995 highlander epic...no, not Braveheart
1997: CourtroomCoppola makes decent Grisham adaptation
1998: ActionTitle girl has 20 minutes to save boyfriend
1993: SportsSam Gamgee gets to play for Notre Dame
1989:DocumentaryMichael Moore starts career as demagogue
1992: CrimeRussell Crowe plays an Aussie neo-nazi
1948: ThrillerHitchcock film named for garroting weapon
1988: DramaDustin Hoffman as Hollywood-style autistic male
2000: SciFiVal Kilmer and co. head off to Mars
2000: Sports/DramaKeanu Reeves, felons, strippers, and sumo wrestlers must win football games
2001: ComedyGroup of weirdos in competition for 2 million bucks
1977: AnimatedClever mice must save kidnapped girl

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