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Can you name the movies with 'mad' in their title?

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Mel Gibson's wife and kid get murdered and this makes him very angry indeed1979
A documentary reveals that a New York public school has some crazy dancers in it2005
Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah launch a crazy scheme to steal worn-out dollar bills2008
John Carpenter film about an insurance agent who discovers crazy things about a horror writer's novels1994
A wild mobster rewards the cop who saved his life with Uma Thurman1993
Tyler Perry debuts his crazy old lady character in his breakout hit2005
A variety of characters go on a zany chase for money buried under a big 'W'1963
The insane, life-ruining consequences of marijuana are bravely displayed to the public1936
The true story of an English monarch's descent into craziness 1994
Michael J. Fox debuts in this tale of a crazy allnight college scavenger hunt1980

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