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Can you name the movies which begin with 'G'?

Updated Apr 23, 2014

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Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
1963: ActionSteve McQueen + motorcycle = awesome
1992: Drama'Put that coffee down: coffee's for closers'
2000: EpicSwords n' sandals Best Picture winner
1990: CrimeDo you think this quiz is funny? Funny how? Like a clown? It's here to amuse you?
1989: WarCol. Ferris Bueller leads all-black regiment
1971: ThrillerMichael Caine seeks revenge, hot UK birds
2009: ActionAnother toy adapted into inane summer film
1997: SciFiGenetics rule the future in this thriller
1964: SpyBond comes into his own in his third flick
1993: WarCivil War film spends 4 hours on one battle
2004: Romance/ComedyAngsty Zach Braff needs less drugs, more Natalie Portman
1981: WarANZAC troops meet death in WWI Turkey
1974: DramaLiving on West Egg would help you get this
2007: ThrillerGirl gets abducted, then the plot thickens
1987: ComedyPerhaps a sequel, Good Night Iraq?
1937: WarRenoir shows that borders are illusions
2004: ComedyRisky Business clone with worse actors
2005: DocumentaryMan loves Grizzly Bears. Bears love taste of silly man.
1985: AdventureKids search for treasure, acting coaches
1956: DramaDean's last film earned him an Oscar nod
1995: ComedyTravolta's Chili Palmer shakes up movie biz
1988: BiopicSigourney Weaver tries to save apes, fails
2007: FamilyThe Rock as a NFL player, bad father
1993: ComedyMatthau and Lemmon earn this title
2004: HorrorJ-horror remake made back when Sarah Michelle Gellar was still around
1999: DramaAngelina Jolie steals film from Winona Ryder
1926: ComedyBuster Keaton takes an eventful train ride
1997: FamilyPoor George never watches out for the tree
1940: DramaClassic Steinbeck novel by way of John Ford
Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
1939: WarFrankly my dear, you should get this one
2003: ComedyBennifer 1 in much-reviled flop
1993: Comedy/DramaBill Murray repeats day. Bill Murray repeats day. Bill Murray repeats day.
1967: ComedyDustin Hoffman scores with 2 hot chicks
1966: WesternSpaghetti western with lotsa tomato sauce
1982: BiopicExtremely reverent bio of Indian leader/hero
2002: CrimeDaniel Day-Lewis rules over the Five Points
1997: DramaOddly, not about people hunting for goodwill
1972: CrimeGet this one or you'll sleep with the fishes
2008: DramaClint learns to tolerate Hmong people
1978: MusicalProud guy is too cool to accept love of sweet girl until she dresses like a tramp
1999: PrisonJesus vs. the electric chair. Chair wins.
1955: MusicalBrando mumbles his way through 'Luck Be a Lady'
1967: DramaThe answer is 'Sidney Poitier'
1997: ActionDemi Moore shaves head, kicks some butt
2007: SleazeTarantino/Rodriguez team up, make a bomb
1988: AnimatedJapanese youths try to survive end of WWII
2007: FantasyPullman novel makes for a big box office flop
1984: Comedy/SciFiBill Murray and some other less funny people take on ghosts
1947: DramaPeck vs. antisemitism in forgotten Best Pic
1998: CreatureScientist Ferris Bueller vs. Japanese lizard
2009: FamilyCGI Guinea Pig film somehow turned profit
1984: HorrorDon't feed Gizmo after midnight
1944: DramaHusband plots to drive his wife insane
1932: DramaGarbo vants to be let alone
2000: ActionCage and Jolie steal cars, clearly need paychecks
1946: Film-NoirRita Hayworth is title gal, really really sexy
2005: Crime50 Cent's debut; I opt for the former option

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