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Updated Feb 14, 2012

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Iraq War2008: Kathryn Bigelow
Bosnian War2001: Denis Tanovic
Rwandan Genocide2004: Terry George
Somali Civil War2001: Ridley Scott
Gulf War2005: Sam Mendes
Soviet-Afghan War1988: Kevin Reynolds
Invasion of Grenada1986: Clint Eastwood
1982 Lebanon War2008: Ari Folman
El Salvadoran Civil War1986: Oliver Stone
Cambodian Civil War1984: Roland Joffe
Vietnam War1986: Oliver Stone
Algerian War1966: Gillo Pontecorvo
Korean War:1959: Lewis Milestone
1948 Arab-Israel War1960: Otto Preminger
World War II1998: Steven Spielberg
Irish Civil War1996: Neil Jordan
Russian Civil War1965: David Lean
World War I1957: Stanley Kubrick
Mexican Revolution1971: Sergio Leone
The Boer War1980: Bruce Beresford
Mahdist War1939: Zoltan Korda
Anglo-Zulu War1964: Cy Endfield
American Civil War1993: Ronald Maxwell
Texas Revolution1960: John Wayne
Napoleonic Wars2003: Peter Weir
American Revolutionary War2000: Roland Emmerich
French and Indian War1992: Michael Mann
Crusades2005: Ridley Scott
Hundred Years War1999: Luc Besson
First War of Scottish Independence1995: Mel Gibson
Second Persian Invasion of Greece2007: Zack Snyder
Trojan War2004: Wolfgang Peterson

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