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Updated Nov 16, 2014

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Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
1982: Adventure/SciFiUgly alien likes Reese's Pieces, beer
2003: ComedyWill Ferrell as one of Santa's minions
2007: ComedyThe Bruce Almighty sequel we all didn't want
1998: BiopicBritish history gets the soap opera treatment
1973: HorrorLittle girl gets possessed, becomes much more interesting conversationally
2000: AnimatedEmperor is turned into a llama. Disney is clearly running on fumes.
1993: ComedyAdventures of a chick with really long thumbs
1974: DisasterCharlton Heston vs. the San Andreas Fault
2004: ComedyAmericans encounter cliched vision of Europe
1975: ActionClint acts/directs this actioner set in the Alps
1981: Action/SciFiKurt Russell has a mission, 24 hours to live, and a mullet
1958: CrimeMurderer gets stuck in an elevator
2002: ActionChristian Bale uses Gun-Kata, slays hundreds
2008: DramaStarring Sir Ben Kingsley, Dennis Hopper and Penelope Cruz's rack
2008: ThrillerEvil mean computer ruins Shia LaBeouf's life
1979: PrisonPrisoners break out of 'the rock'.
2010: ActionMel Gibson is back in a lame thriller
1987: WarYoung Batman in a Chinese internment camp
1969: Road MovieHopper and Fonda on motorcycles, drugs
1995: ComedyDumb, angsty Gen-Xers at record store
1996: MusicalWoody Allen tries his hand at a light musical
1996: ActionTerrorists hijack plane, Seagal dies early
1999: SciFiJude Law turns chicken bones into a gun
2006: Comedy''Starring'' Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson
2004: Romance/SciFiKate Winslet and Jim Carrey visit Lacuna Inc. for some couples counseling
1998: ThrillerWill Smith in overlong techno-thriller
1999: SatireFerris Bueller becomes a teacher, and must stop Tracy Flick
1994: BiopicJohnny Depp as the world's worst director
2007: DocumentaryWerner Herzog heads for Antarctica
Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
2005: RomanceDirector Crowe overloads audience with whimsy
1999: ComedyKinda like The Truman Show, except not good
1988: SportsBlack Sox conspire to fix 1919 World Series
1996: ActionAh-nold defeats gators, planes, rail guns, etc.
1973: KungFuBruce Lee smashes some face
1976: War/ThrillerMichael Caine, least convincing Nazi ever, goes after Churchill
2000: DramaJulia Roberts wears push-up bra, wins Oscar
2001: Comedy'There's always time for lubricant!'
1955: DramaSteinbeck adaptation is one of 3 Dean films
2007: ThrillerViggo as a member of the Russian mob
2003: SchoolGus Van Sant's boring look at school shootings
1990: CultThe only person in cinema not named Freddy Krueger with blades for fingers
1999: MysteryControversial final film by Kubrick
2007: RomanceAmy Adams heads to NY to find her prince
1997: HorrorSpaceship goes to hell and returns possessed. This premise is taken seriously
2002: AnimatedAdam Sandler decides the world needs an animated musical Hannukah film
1960: EpicPaul Newman forges state of Israel
1996: Romance/WarStiff period romance won a slew of Oscars
2001: ThrillerIn WWII, frumpy Kate Winslet and pouting Dougray Scott must solve mystery
1977: CultDavid Lynch's shocking debut film
1981: HorrorEvil woods violate womanfolk, kill menfolk
1996: MusicalWhitewashed tale of Argentinean dictator's wife
1994: MysteryWinding, non-linear mystery set in a strip club
1999: ActionSchwarzenegger takes on Satan himself
2001: WarBritish actors pretend to be Russian snipers
2006: AdventureIt's like Star Wars with dragons
1998: RomanceDrew Barrymore as Cinderella, sans fairies
2001: ActionLast Seagal film anyone paid attention to

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