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Updated Jan 10, 2014

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...has won four Best Actress awards [1] in at least three Tim Burton films [3]
...won an Oscar in a Woody Allen movie [4] an Oscar nomination for Almost Famous [2] featured on the poster of Steel Magnolias [6]
...played one of the Top 25 villains on AFI's Top 100 list [7]
...won Best Actress and whose first name begins with 'N' [3]
...was one of the main women in The Women, version 2008 [5]
...was one of the Sex and the City leads not named Sarah [3]
...was top billed in a Tarantino film and isn't named Uma [4]
...was a Rockford Peach in A League of Their Own [11]
...was one of the female leads in West Side Story [2]
...was Oscar-nominated in a Scorsese film [10]
...was one of Pierce Brosnan's main Bond Girls [8] African American and has taken home an Oscar [6]
...beat Meryl Streep for a Best Actress trophy in the 90s [4]
...was one of Hitchcock's leading lady blondes in the 1950s [5]
...played a Hogwarts faculty member who appeared in at least two films [5]
...was one of the Top 10 box office stars of the 90s and isn't Julia or Meg [6]
...was top billed in any of the Top 5 highest grossing movies of all time worldwide [5]

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