Acronym Words -- Real or Fake?

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Can you name the words that come from acronyms and the ones which don't?

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Okay: 'Oll korrect'
Wop: 'Without passport'
Cop: 'Constable on patrol'
Sh*t: 'Ship high in transit'
Tip: 'To insure promptness'
Awol: 'Absent without leave'
Nylon: 'New York & London'
Phat: 'Pretty hot and tempting'
Emcee: 'Master of Ceremonies'
Posh: 'Port out, starboard home'
News: 'North, East, West, South'
Gestapo: 'Geheime Staatspolizei'
Radar: 'Radio detecting and ranging'
Golf: 'Gentlemen only: ladies forbidden'
Snafu: 'Situation Normal: All F*cked Up'
F*ck: 'Fornication under consent of the king'
Amphetamine: 'alpha methyl phenyl ethyl amine'
Scuba: 'Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus'
Laser: 'Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation'

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