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Year & Genre(s)MoviePlot
1975: HorrorVacationers make tasty shark snack
1991: HistoryOliver Stone detects a gigantic conspiracy
1995: FamilyBoard game comes alive, causes problems
1993: DramaBad stuff happens to Asian chicks
2007: DramedyGirl gets knocked up. Complications ensue
1994: ComedyGuy gets knocked up. Complications ensue
1995: Erotic ThrillerJoe Ezterhas scripted David Caruso's (failed) attempt to be a film actor
1997: CrimeTarantino's least interesting movie
1957: MusicalElvis Presley doesn't drop the soap
1996: FamilyBased on a Dahl novel about fruit, insects
2001: ComedyKevin Smith makes a film entirely for fans
1995: ComedyShow me the money and have me at hello
1996: FamilyWith Ah-nold, Sinbad, & Anakin Skywalker
2002: ActionDenzel must fight the law, doctors, cliches
1995: ActionStallone is the law! And ridiculous
1967: AnimatedPerhaps not what Mr. Kipling had in mind
1993: CreatureDinosaurs kill all the coolest characters
1990: HorrorVietnam vet is having terrible nightmares
1993: HorrorEven Hades can't stop Friday the 13th
2001: Horror*Sigh* Outer space can't stop it either
1927: MusicFamous line: 'You ain't heard nothing yet!'
1953: Film-NoirSolid noir's title is also a famous gameshow
2001: ComedyRemember when David Spade headlined movies? Yeah me neither
1973: MusicalRock Opera succeeds in making Christianity seem slightly cool
2001: HorrorTeens vs. evil trucker 'Rusty Nail'
1961: CourtroomSpencer Tracy vs. WWII collaborationists
2002: Comedy87 minutes of stunts and gross-out gags
2004: ComedyKevin Smith annoys fans with no poop jokes
1953: DramaBrando steals show as Marc Antony
Year & Genre(s)MoviePlot
1948: CrimeTalky Bogart flick set in Florida
2007: WarJamie Foxx fights terrorism, we all yawn
1979: DramaHoffman vs. Streep somehow beat Apocalypse Now for Best Director, Picture
2006: ComedyStill-fat Seth Rogen scores with Katherine Heigl, and yes, complications ensue
1985: PrisonA smooch from Peter Parker's girlfriend?
2004: BiopicLiam Neeson as famous sexologist
2001: DramaIs Kevin Spacey an alien? Do we care?
1933: CreatureBeauty kills the beast, atop New York City
2003: ActionUma Thurman kicks more ass than any three women in cinema ever have
2008: AnimatedJack Black perfectly cast as inept panda
1940: BiopicReagan asks us to 'win one for the Gipper'
2009: SciFiNic Cage--and the film--fly off the handle
2001: ActionHeath Ledger rocks out to Queen in 1400s
1993: Road MovieBrad Pitt as a hillbilly serial killer
2004: ActionClive Owen as the head of the Round Table
2003: FamilyAnthropomorphic kangaroo delights no one
1984: DramaRocky, but with 'wax-on, wax-off'
2001: RomanceHugh Jackman as 1800s time-traveler
1996: FamilySomehow people didn't love Shaq's movie
1970: ActionClint and co. seeks Nazi treasure
1921: SilentEarly Chaplin hit; title also is a Disney film
1984: WarRoland Joffe explores Cambodian genocide
1990: ComedyAh-nold meets his match: a class of brats
1956: MusicalAnna meets, dances with King of Siam
2007: DocumentaryIntroduces us to the rough, hardscrabble world of Donkey Kong players
1996: ComedyWoody Harrelson as one-handed bowler
2005: EpicRidley Scott's Crusades epic = bomb
1997: ThrillerSpunky Ashley Judd fends off serial killers

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