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Updated Nov 13, 2014

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Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
1980: ComedySlobs prevail over snobs
1974: Crime'Forget it Jake, it's ________________'
1981/2010: ActionBig mashup of Greek mythology
1950: AnimatedDisney waters down another fairy tale
2000: SciFi/ThrillerJ-Lo must enter the mind of serial killer
2003: Romance/WarNicole Kidman and Jude Law as Southerners during the Civil War. No, really.
1985: ActionSchwarzenegger lets off some steam
1983: HorrorStephen King novel gives us cinema's least lovable pooch
1995: GangsterKinda like Goodfellas Part II
2000: DramaNYC Ballerinas must overcome hardships, cliched screenplay
1971: Crime/SciFiA bit of the old ultraviolence
2002: Road MovieBritney Spears' insipid acting debut
1993: GangsterPacino pretending to be Hispanic again
2005: BiopicOscar-bait bio about In Cold Blood author
1998: Fantasy/RomanceMaudlin remake of German classic with Nicholas Cage as an angel.
1967: MusicalBig-budget 180 minute King Arthur musical
2000: ActionDiaz, Barrymore, and Liu as seraphim
2009: ComedyUnfunny actors chill in Tahiti for a while
1995: ComedyLike, totally, the best movie ever!
1983: HorrorStephen King again. Evil car this time.
1992: SportsCan a mismatched duo become a crack figureskating team? Is the pope Catholic?
2002: MusicalApparently the best movie of 2002
2004: DramaPaul Haggis solemnly informs us we're all racist, wins Best Picture
2007: ComedyTom Hanks singlehandedly ends Cold War
2006: Post-apocalypticClive Owen has to escort pregnant chick
2008: DramaForrest Gump, with Pitt instead of Hanks
1994: ComedyTwo losers talk about Star Wars, sex, etc.
2006: ActionDaniel Craig revitalizes Bond
2000: Comedy/RomanceLiberal uses chocolate to convert French churchfolk
Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
2006: ActionJason Statham needs adrenaline
1941: DramaConsensus best film ever?
1991: HorrorDeNiro gets his last Oscar nod, decides to stop acting in good movies
2000: AdventureTom Hanks falls in love with sporting equipment
1976: HorrorTelekinesis + menstruation = danger
1942: Romance/WarLove in WWII Morocco: play it Sam!
2008: DramaAngelina Jolie loses her child, gets different and worse one
2002: CrimeA photographer and a crime lord in the slums of Rio De Janeiro
1993: ActionStallone doesn't need shirt to climb mountain
2008: SciFiA monster in Manhattan, with shaky-cam
1988: ComedyEddie Murphy looks for a queen in Queens
1931: WesternEarly, quickly forgotten Best Picture winner
1996: WarDid Meg Ryan have cowardice over ice, or...
2005: Thriller/RomanceIn investigating his wife's death, Ralph Fiennes rediscovers their love
1996: DramaArthur Miller play jazzed up with overacting
1931: SilentChaplin falls for blind flower girl
1992: CrimeIRA member falls for girl with a package
1993: SportsJamaican bobsled team in the Olympics
1995: AdventureBad gorillas: go away!
1967: PrisonIt involves a failure to communicate
1997: Romance/ComedyBen Affleck falls in love with lesbian, complications ensue
1997: ActionA slumming Malkovich vs. redneck Cage
1994: Action/ThrillerHarrison Ford is back in the Jack Ryan sequel nobody asked for
1981: SportsBritish runners compete for the Olympics
1983: FamilyLittle boy ignores warnings, shoots eye out
1974: ThrillerGene Hackman is (snicker) 'the best bugger on the West Coast'
2003: Action/AdventureHilary Swank, various B-list actors must journey to center of earth
1954: DramaSailors rebel against Humphrey Bogart

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