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Updated Feb 7, 2014

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Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
1995: FamilyMy favorite talking-pig best picture nominee
1985: SciFi/AdventureMichael J. Fox must resist his mom's advances
1946: Film-NoirBacall is way hot: Bogart is intrigued
2000: ActionJapanese schoolkids fight to the death
1982: SciFi/CultHarrison Ford hunts down wannabe humans
1946: DramaReturning World War II veterans have difficulty adjusting in this Best Pic winner
1977: WarNot 'A Tunnel Too Near,' but...
2005: ComedyThe Get Shorty sequel none of us wanted
2001: WarHelicopter crashes, chaos ensues
1925: HistoryRussian sailors stage an ill-fated mutiny
1966: MysteryA photo may or may not reveal a murder
1942: AnimatedHis mom dies and we all cry
1958/88: HorrorAmorphous goo terrorizes Anytown, USA
1992: ThrillerSharon Stone has a wardrobe malfunction, Michael Douglas is intrigued
1992: FamilyFamily adopts St. Bernard, hijinks ensue
2008: ComedyGym workers steal CIA agent's 'mem-wah'
1992: DramaHarvey Keitel as the world's worst cop
2000: ComedyCheerleading movie in which 'it' is 'brought'
2005: ThrillerFilm-noir inside a California high school
1999: ComedyAdam Sandler as world's worst role model
2006: ComedyArguably the best hairy-naked-guy fight scene ever filmed
1984: ThrillerThe Coen Brothers, before they were clever
1985: SciFi1984 by way of Terry Gilliam
1959: Epic20 minutes of chariot race; 200 of boredom
2003: ComedyBilly Bob Thornton as jolly ol' Saint Nick
2006: WarPaul Verhoeven punches up WWII a bit
1999: HorrorClueless filmmakers get lost in woods
1999: Action'Saints' + Willem Defoe in drag = cult hit
1988: DramedyBette Midler is the wind beneath my wiiiings
Year & Genre(s)MovieHint
2000: SciFiL. Ron Hubbard tale of 'puny man-animals'
1935: HorrorThe monster is back in this early sequel
1997: SuperheroThis film's villain would find it ICE to see his movie here
1985: Teen DramaDetentioned high school cliches bond
1993: ThrillerMadonna kills her husband...with sex
1989: War/DramaOliver Stone's second Vietnam War movie
1969: WarEnsemble British cast takes on Luftwaffe
2009: DramaTobey Maguire ruins his wife/kids' lives by not dying
2006: ActionLeo Dicaprio searches for diamonds, Oscar
2007: FantasyClassic children's novel given reams of CGI
1997: ComedyBritish imbecile defiles American art
2004: ActionMatt Damon spy series gets new director, more shaky-cam action
2004: MysteryAshton Kutcher explores chaos theory
2000: DramaVin Diesel wants to sell you bad stocks
1915: Drama/HistoryRacist and revisionist D.W. Griffith film is nonetheless a seminal American movie
1980: Music1974 Dodge Monaco, Sunglasses, Belushi
1963: HorrorHitch tries to scare us with seagulls
1995: Epic/WarMel Gibson explores his torture fetish
1991: ActionDumb sibling drama, lots of cool fire effects
1996: ComedyWe finally get to see Mr. Hackman in drag
1980: WarLee Marvin fights in every WWII battle
1990: SatireHanks and Willis headline notorious flop
1986: MysterySomething evil is in David Lynch's suburbia
1988: ComedyOne of Tim Burton's Tim Burtoniest movies
1991: AnimatedFrench girl gets kidnapped into monster's castle, develops Stockholm Syndrome
1997: DramaThe rise and fall of pornstar Dirk Diggler
1967: CrimeBeatty + Dunaway make for sexy gangsters
2007: ThrillerMake sure to be in heaven half an hour...

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