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Updated Feb 10, 2015

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Action: 1999Humans are just batteries for sentient machines; can Neo save mankind?
Action: 1986Ripley returns to tangle with xenomorphs again in this action sequel to a horror film
Action: 1984A cyborg travels back in time to kill the mother of the future's human resistance
Animation: 1997The legendary hero of this Disney film ''put the 'glad' in Gladiator''
Animation: 1988Two Japanese children attempt to stay alive in Kobe during the last days of WWII
Animation: 1941The pachyderm hero of this classic can fly, but never speaks a single line
Adventure: 1981It's Harrison Ford's archeologist vs. the Nazis in a battle over a religious artifact
Adventure: 1959Hitchcock film about an adman getting mistaken for a spy and chased across the US
Adventure: 1953Desperate men in a South American town drive trucks of volatile nitroglycerine
Biopic: 2008Sean Penn won an Oscar for his portrayal of America's first openly gay elected official
Biopic: 1982Ben Kingsley won an Oscar for his portrayal of this Indian civil rights activist/nationalist
Biopic: 1962Peter O'Toole didn't win an Oscar for his portrayal of this World War I British adventurer
Comedy: 2005This tale of nuptial invasion made over 200 million domestically
Comedy: 1993A grouchy weatherman is condemned to repeat the same day over, and over, and over
Comedy: 1970The wacky staff of a Korean War field hospital have fun amidst the chaos of war
Crime: 1994Tarantino reinvigorated cinema with this trio of tales about Los Angeles criminals
Crime: 1990Scorsese classic about low level mobster Henry Hill spending 30 years in the mafia
Crime: 1983A Cuban immigrant is determined to control Miami's organized crime, at any cost
Courtroom: 1996A black man is on trial for killing his daughter's rapists in this Grisham adaptation
Courtroom: 1961Spencer Tracy presides over the trial of Nazi war criminals in this Stanley Kramer film
Courtroom: 1957This drama is set more in a jury room than a courtroom, but it's a classic nevertheless
Drama: 2004A series of interconnected vignettes explore connections and racism in Los Angeles
Drama: 1957Ingmar Bergman's most famous film features a knight playing chess against Death
Drama: 1950Classic backstage drama about an aging actress and a seemingly-innocent ingenue
Fantasy: 2006A young girl in war-torn Spain may be a princess from the underworld in this Del Toro film
Fantasy: 1985Terry Gilliam's fantastical version of '1984' pits Jonathan Pryce against the state
Fantasy: 1939Dorothy Gale is swept by a tornado to a magical land of munchkins, flying monkeys, etc
Film-Noir: 1958Orson Welles directs himself in this twisty noir set in a Mexican border town
Film-Noir: 1949Shadowy, post-war Vienna hides secrets about what happened to profiteer Harry Lime
Film-Noir: 1944An insurance salesman foolishly lets a femme fatale talk him into murder
Horror: 2005Spelunking women get trapped inside a cave with malevolent 'crawlers'
Horror: 1977Dario Argento directs this chiller about a ballet academy run by a coven of witches
Horror: 1922This early, unlicensed version of Dracula features Max Schreck as Count Orlok
Musical: 2012Paroled prisoner Jean Valjean attempts to lead a good life and evade the ruthless Javert
Musical: 2001Baz Luhrman directs this giddy musical about star-crossed lovers in Montmartre
Musical: 1978Can the relationship of good-girl Sandy and greaser Danny survive high school's crucible?
Mystery: 2010Two federal marshalls explore the mysteries of an island mental asylum
Mystery: 1972It's a two man show as Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier play a twisty series of games
Mystery: 1958This classic Hitchcock mystery was recently recognized as the best movie ever made
Romance: 1997The second half (post iceberg) may be a disaster film, but the first half is all romance
Romance: 1995An American man and a French woman spend an evening together in Vienna
Romance: 1942Bogart and Bergman seared themselves into the American consciousness with this classic
Silent: 1931Chaplin's 'Little Tramp' falls in love with a blind girl but comic hijinks keep them apart
Silent: 1926Buster Keaton pursues his beloved locomotive singlehandedly behind enemy lines
Silent: 1925This film, about the Russian mutiny of 1905, was once considered the best movie ever
Spy: 2006Daniel Craig takes the helm as Bond must tangle with a terrorist-financier in Montenegro
Spy: 1996TV adaptation with Tom Cruise as spy Ethan Hunt unraveling a conspiracy in his network
Spy: 1935Early Hitchcock film with Robert Donat on the run after being falsely accused of murder
Superhero: 2012Various superheros assemble to save earth from the evil Loki and his otherworldly army
Superhero: 2000Rival mutant teams with different ideas on their role in society do battle in New York
Superhero: 1989The Caped Crusader takes on the Joker for the first time in this Tim Burton adaptation
Thriller: 1998Three men find four million dollars. Can they survive each other long enough to spend it?
Thriller: 1991An FBI trainee attempts to stop a serial killer with the help of another one
Thriller: 1971Two New York cops tumble onto a Gallic drug ring in this Best Picture winner
War: 1998Tom Hanks takes his squad behind enemy lines in an attempt to rescue one soldier
War: 1979Marlon Brando is a renegade colonel in this Vietnam adaptation of Heart of Darkness
War: 1927William Wellman's film about WWI pilots won the first ever Best Picture award
Western: 1992Clint Eastwood returns to the genre that made him and wins Best Picture for his efforts
Western: 1966The three men of the title double and triple cross each other over lost Confederate gold
Western: 1952Sheriff Gary Cooper is all on his own in this film often read as a McCarthyism allegory

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