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Character NameReal Name
Tamwar Masood
Ronnie Mitchell
Billy Mitchell
Shirley Carter
Billie Jackson
Minty (Rick) Peterson
Syed Masood
Peggy Mitchell
Lucy Beale
Janine Butcher
Abi Branning
Peter Beale
Zainab Masood
Leon Small
Darren Miller
Denise Johnson
Jay Brown
Lucas Johnson
Dot Branning
Chelsea Fox
Ben Mitchell
Adam Best
Libby Fox
Tanya Branning
Jordan Johnson
Liam Butcher
Dotty Cotton
Character NameReal Name
Carol Jackson
Morgan Jackson-King
Jane Beale
Jack Branning
Mo Harris
Max Branning
Christian Clarke
Stacey Slater
Whitney Dean
Phil Mitchell
Zsa Zsa Carter
Ian Beale
Charlie Slater
Tiffany Dean
Masood Ahmed
Roxy Mitchell
Pat Evans
Jean Slater
Bianca Jackson
Ricky Butcher
Lauren Branning
Heather Trott
Danny Mitchell
Vanessa Gold
Bobby Beale

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