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Who is the exalt?
What is the name of the swordsman who saves Lissa and Emmeryn?
Who is the white haired Plegian woman?
How many gemstones are there?
Who is the avatar's child?
Marth is a boy. True or False?
What is the set name for the avater?
What does Validar manage to steal from Chrom?
Who tries to assassinate Emmeryn?
Who is the avatar really?
What is the second choice to defeat Grima?
Who is the swordsmaster sibiling pair you meet in Valm?
What is the Conquerer's name?
Who is the 'Voice of Naga'?
What is the only way to truly kill Grima?
What is the first choice to defeat Grima?
What is the name of the king of Plegia?
What is the ritual permormed to summon Grima or Naga?
Who is the avatar's father?
Who finds you in the open field?
Who is 'Marth' really?

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