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The Goddess
Nyx's Special
The ''Boyfriend issues'' Girl,The reincarnation of A-ya 
Red Vampire High Priestess
The Human Boyfriend
Nyx's Prophetess
Nyx's Prophetess Warrior
The Red Vampire Warrior
The One That Can Never Miss What He Aims 
The Clever Blue Fledgling
The Clever Gay Guy 
The Clever Guy's Boyfriend
The Blue -Ex-Fledgling-Vampire
Ex-Boyfriend Of Nyx's Special 
Queen Tsi Sgili,Ex-High Priestess
The ''White'' Twin
The Other Twin
Red Fledgling Poet Laureate
The Muscular Red Fledgling
Nyx's Prophetess's Ex-Roommate,Red Fledgling
Horse Mistress At Tulsa's House Of Night
Ex-Poet Laureate Professor
He's Dead Now 
The Fencing Professor
The Cherokee Grandma
The Immortal
The Goddess Consort
''His Father's Son''

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