Star Trek or Muse?

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Can you name the Star Trek TNG episodes or Muse lyrics??

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Episode / LyricAnswer
Burn our Horizons
Chasing the Starlight
Deepest Inquisitions
Silicon Avatar
City of Delusion
False Pretenses
The Arsenal of Freedom
Thine Own Self
Open Your Third Eye
Droplets in the Ocean
Suddenly Human
Dark Page
Sub Rosa
Loud as a Whisper
The Thought Police
Skin of Evil
Come Down to Earth
Sense of Elation
Realm of Fear
What You Leave Behind
Imaginary Friend
Episode / LyricAnswer
Vengeance is Mine
The Naked Now
Shades of Gray
When Darkness Falls
Unproven Crimes
The Inner Light
Fights and Battles
Virgin Realities
Booby Trap
Where Our Worlds Collide
Night Terrors
Peak Performance
Where Silence Has Lease
Future Imperfect
A Matter of Honor
Black Holes and Revelations
Demons From Your Past
The Next Phase
Time Squared
Look to the Stars
The Veins of History

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