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Can you separate the misnomers from the, er, nomers?

Updated Dec 1, 2014

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Does the Marylebone Cricket Club have a cricket team?
Is the Monaco Grand Prix held in Monaco?
Is a white rhino white?
Do frankfurters originate from Frankfurt?
Was Americium discovered in America?
Is a karate black belt black?
Is a jellyfish a fish?
Is the cross on the Red Cross flag red?
Is a kiwi bird a bird?
Did the Spanish Inquisition originate from Spain?
Is a firefly a fly?
Is the Hubble telescope a telescope?
Is a peanut a nut?
Are wellington boots named after the Duke of Wellington?
Are refried beans fried more than once?
Is Ecuador on the equator?
Is a black box (flight recorder) black?
Is there lead in pencil lead?
Is a shooting star a star?
Did the 30 years' war (in the 17th century) last for 30 years?
Are the Everly Brothers brothers?
Does dry cleaning not use liquids?
Are the Canary islands named after the canary bird?
Did Chinese Checkers originate from China?
Is a Manx cat a cat?
Is the Red sea usually red?
Is a koala bear a bear?
Is a black bean a bean?
Does horsehair come from horses?
Did the cor anglais (English horn) originate from England?
Is catgut made from cats?
Do Panama hats originate from Panama?

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