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(1997) soloist, Kiiro 5, 1st H!P member ever
(1997) Morning Musume 1st Gen, 1st MoMusu leader, soloist, Dream MoMusu
(1997) Morning Musume 1st Gen, Tanpopo
(1997) Morning Musume 1st Gen, 2nd MoMusu leader, Tanpopo, soloist, Dream MoMusu
(1997) Morning Musume 1st Gen, soloist, Dream MoMusu
(1997) Morning Musume 1st Gen
(1998) Morning Musume 2nd Gen, 1st MoMusu subleader, Pucchi Moni, Dream MoMusu
(1998) Morning Musume 2nd Gen, 3rd MoMusu leader, Mini Moni, Tanpopo, Dream MoMusu
(1998) Morning Musume 2nd Gen, Pucchi Moni
(1999) Country Musume 1st Gen, owns a Cosplay tailoring shop
(1999) Country Musume 1st Gen
(1999) Country Musume 1st Gen, deceased
(1999) T&C Bomber, Akagumi 4, former gymnast
(1999) T&C Bomber, Aoiro 7, former Osaka Performance Doll member
(1999) T&C Bomber, Kiiro 5, from China
(1999) T&C Bomber, Aoiro 7
(1999) Coconuts Musume, Pucchi Moni
(1999) Coconuts Musume, now a model
(1999) Coconuts Musume
(1999) Coconuts Musume, Akagumi 4
(1999) Coconuts Musume, Mini Moni
(1999) soloist, now living in South Korea
(1999) Morning Musume 3rd Gen, Pucchi Moni, soloist
(2000) Coconuts Musume 2nd Gen
(2000) Melon Kinenbi, often wears glasses
(2000) Melon Kinenbi, ROMANS
(2000) Melon Kinenbi, always had colored hair
(2000) Melon Kinenbi, Tanpopo, Elegies
(2000) soloist, Enka singer
(2000) Morning Musume 4th Gen, Biyuuden, Tanpopo, Dream MoMusu
(2000) Morning Musume 4th Gen, 4th MoMusu leader, Pucchi Moni, Ongaku Gatas, Dream MoMusu
(2000) Morning Musume 4th Gen, W
(2000) Morning Musume 4th Gen, W, Tanpopo
(2000) Country Musume 2nd Gen
(2000) Sheki-Dol
(2000) Sheki-Dol
(2001) Sheki-Dol 2nd Gen
(2001) soloist, GAM
(2001) Sheki-Dol 3rd Gen
(2001) Morning Musume 5th Gen, 6th MoMusu leader, Mini Moni, High-King
(2001) Morning Musume 5th Gen, Ongaku Gatas, TV Tokyo announcer
(2001) Morning Musume 5th Gen, Dream MoMusu
(2001) Morning Musume 5th Gen, 7th MoMusu leader, Tanpopo, ZYX-alpha
(2001) soloist, Morning Musume 6th Gen, 5th MoMusu leader, GAM, Dream MoMusu
(2001) soloist, 'Peachy'
(2002) Country Musume 3rd Gen, Ongaku Gatas
(2002) ex-°Cute, ZYX, ZYX-alpha
(2002) Berryz Koubou Captain, High-King
(2002) °C-ute Leader, High-King
(2002) Berryz Koubou, Buono!, ZYX, ZYX-alpha
(2002) Berryz Koubou, ZYX-alpha
(2002) ex-°C-ute
(2002) Berryz Koubou, ZYX-alpha
(2002) Berryz Koubou, Buono!, Aa!
(2002) ex-Berryz Koubou
(2002) Berryz Koubou, Tanpopo #
(2002) °C-ute, Pucchi Moni V
(2002) Berryz Koubou, Zoku Biyuuden
(2002) °C-ute, Buono!, Aa!
(2002) °C-ute, Tanpopo #
(2002) °C-ute, Pucchi Moni V, KiraPika
(2003) Morning Musume 6th Gen, Tanpopo #
(2003) Morning Musume 6th Gen, Zoku Biyuuden, 8th MoMusu leader
(2003) Morning Musume 6th Gen, High-King
(2003) Country Musume 4th Gen
(2004) Egg, Biyuuden
(2004) Egg, graduated in 2005
(2004) Egg, Gatas Brilhantes H.P.
(2004) Egg, ex-°C-ute
(2004) Egg, soloist under Sony
(2004) Egg, THE Possible
(2004) Egg, THE Possible
(2004) Egg, THE Possible
(2004) Egg, THE Possible
(2004) Egg, THE Possible, born in Boston
(2004) Egg, ex-THE Possible
(2004) Egg, graduated in 2007
(2004) 1st Egg Leader, Ongaku Gatas, Gatas Brilhantes H.P.
(2004) Egg, Ongaku Gatas
(2004) Egg, left in 2008
(2004) Egg,Ongaku Gatas
(2004) 2nd Egg Leader, ex-Ongaku Gatas, Up-Front Egg
(2004) Egg, S/mileage Leader, LilPri
(2004) Egg, ex-S/mileage, LilPri
(2004) Egg, S/mileage, LilPri
(2004) Egg, ex-S/mileage, Oha Maple Girl
(2004) Egg, left in 2010
(2004) Egg, left in 2010
(2004) Egg, sister of a °C-ute member
(2004) Egg, Shugo Chara Egg, AKBN 0
(2004) Egg, Up Up Girls, Ongaku Gatas
(2004) Egg, Up Up Girls, Tomoiki ki wo Uetai
(2004) Egg, Up Up Girls, Tomoiki ki wo Uetai
(2004) Egg, Milky Way, soloist
(2004) Egg, Up Up Girls
(2004) Egg, Up Up Girls, had glasses in the past
(2004) Egg, Aa!, Shugo Chara Egg, Up Up Girls
(2004) Biyuuden
(2005) Morning Musume 7th Gen, Tsukishima Kirari, Dream MoMusu
(2006) Egg, soloist, Ongaku Gatas, Pucchi Moni V
(2006) Egg, left in 2007
(2006) Egg, left in 2010, good friend of Mano Erina
(2006) exchange student from South Korea
(2006) ex-SINA
(2006) ex-SINA
(2006) ex-SINA, NMB48
(2006) ex-SINA, not Nacchis sister
(2006) Morning Musume 8th Gen, Tanpopo #
(2007) Egg, MilkyWay, soloist
(2007) Egg, Morning Musume 8th Gen, Shin Mini Moni
(2007) Morning Musume 8th Gen, Zoku Biyuuden
(2008) former Egg, Morning Musume 9th Gen, Shugo Chara Egg
(2008) Egg, 'Ricchan'
(2008) former Egg, Shin Mini Moni, S/mileage 2nd Gen
(2008) ex-Icecream Musume, A
(2008) ex-Icecream Musume, G
(2008) ex-Icecream Musume, P
(2008) ex-Icecream Musume, R
(2008) ex-Icecream Musume, S
(2008) ex-Icecream Musume, Y
(2008) Juice=Juice, 'Karin'
(2009) Da Xiao Jie/Ojousama, half french
(2009) Da Xiao Jie/Ojousama, quarter japanese
(2009) Egg, Up Up Girls
(2009) short-time Egg
(2009) Egg, oldest Egg ever
(2009) Egg, S/mileage 2nd generation
(2009) former Korean H!P member
(2009) Juice=Juice, 'Sayubee'
(2009) current Egg, 'Tanapyon', Shugo Chara Egg
(2010) Egg, left in 2010, Smile Gakuen
(2010) Egg, left in 2011, Sakura Girls
(2010) former Egg, Morning Musume 10th Gen
(2011) Morning Musume 9th Gen
(2011) Morning Musume 9th Gen
(2011) Morning Musume 9th Gen
(2011) current Egg, 'Kurumin'
(2011) current Egg, 'Hama-chan'
(2011) current Egg, 'Tagucchi', Pizza-La TV spot
(2011) former Juice=Juice, 'Tsukapon', MoMusu 9th Gen Audition
(2011) Egg, 'Mogii', MoMusu 9th Gen Audition. left in 2012
(2011) current Egg, 'Renako'
(2011) S/mileage 2nd Gen
(2011) S/mileage 2nd Gen
(2011) former Egg, ex-S/mileage Submember
(2011) Morning Musume 10th Gen
(2011) Morning Musume 10th Gen
(2011) Morning Musume 10th Gen
(2011) Egg, S/mileage 2011 Audition, left in 2012
(2011) former Egg, Morning Musume 11th Gen
(2012) Juice=Juice, 'Aarii'
(2012) former Egg, S/mileage 3rd generation
(2012) Egg, 'Okamuun', left in 2013
(2012) current Egg, 'RikoRiko'
(2012) current Egg, 'MinaMina'
(2012) Juice=Juice, 'Kanatomo'
(2012) current Egg, 'Icchan'
(2012) current Egg, 'Kishimon'
(2012) former Egg, Morning Musume 12th generation, 'Maria'
(2012) current Egg, 'Kaedi'
(2012) current Egg, 'WadaSaku'
(2012) Juice=Juice, GREEN FIELDS, S/mileage 2011 audition finalist
(2013) S/mileage 3rd generation, 'Rikako'
(2013) former Egg, Karen
(2013) current Egg, former PEACEFUL member
(2013) current Egg, Kana #1
(2013) current Egg, S/mileage 2011 audition finalist
(2013) former Egg, Kana #2
(2013) current Egg, Hikaru
(2013) current Egg, Yamaki
(2013) current Egg, Yokogawa
(2013) current Egg, Niinuma
(2013) former Egg, Oura
(2013) current Egg, Danbara
(2013) Morning Musume 12th generation, Haga
(2013) current Egg, Funaki
(2014) S/mileage 3rd generation, Aikawa
(2014) current Egg, Takemura
(2014) current Egg, Saito
(2014) Morning Musume 12th gen
(2014) Morning Musume 12th gen

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