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Can you name the answers to these questions about the song 'Piano Man' by Billy Joel?

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It's nine o'clock on what day when this song is taking place?
The old man sitting next to Billy Joel is making love to what?
What two adjectives can describe the song that the old man wants Bill Joel to sing?
How has the piano man got you feeling?
Whats Billy Joel's friend at the bar's name?
How much does Billy Joel pay for his drinks?
What does Billy Joel's friend at the bar really want to do?
Who is the real estate novelist?
Who is still in the Navy?
Who is practicing politics?
What is the drink they are all sharing?
What are we all in the mood for?
Why has everyone come to see the piano man?
What sounds like a carnival?
What does the microphone smell like?
After they put bread in his jar, what do they say to the piano man?

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