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Can you name the English words whose letters are arranged in alphabetical order?

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Alphabetical Order
Ten, Twenty, Thirty... 
According to Brandy, ________ doesn't count 
A procedure involving the removal of living tissue for diagnostic purposes. 
The characteristic of pronouncing words or certain words. Ex. Engligh... French... Asian...Long Island... 
A large swell of water 
To allow admittance or to enter. 
Most athletes give 110% of this. 
Opposite of the ceiling. 
Starts or initiated. 
Cold, cool or slightly below warm. 
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and then you... 
Adoring praise and/or worship, honor 
You're supposed to do this once a day, because brushing is not enough. 
Before compact discs or USBs, there were _________ disks 
Reverse Order
When you were a baby, your mother probably gave you your baby food through this method. 
To smell or get a whiff of. 
Scarred, frightened or startled 
The victim was knifed, the road forked and the two lovers... 
If you see one of these under a bridge, you may have to answer a riddle or three. 
A cylindrical object in which something is wound, usually to sew. 
If something tastes good 
An expense to pay usually in order to entera room, highway etc... 
He lives in a pineapple, yet you also clean your dishes with it. 
Equipped with ropes and pulleys to uphold a sail and mast 
Unfair, unjust. 

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