TH-57 Speed Limits

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Type of LimitLimitUnits
Airpseed Limitations Sideward DA 0-1000KCAS
Airpseed Limitations Sideward DA 1000-2000KCAS
Airpseed Limitations Sideward DA 2000-4000KCAS
Airpseed Limitations Sideward DA 4000-6000KCAS
Airpseed Limitations Sideward DA 6000-10,000KCAS
Airpseed Limitations Rearward DA 0-1000KCAS
Airpseed Limitations Rearward DA 1000-2000KCAS
Airpseed Limitations Rearward DA 2000-4000KCAS
Airpseed Limitations Rearward DA 4000-6000KCAS
Airpseed Limitations Rearward DA 6000-10,000KCAS
Max Rate of ClimbKIAS
Type of LimitLimitUnits
Min IFR Speed (Vmin)KIAS
Max Speed AFCS Off (Vne) < or = 3000 lbs gross weight KIAS
Max Speed AFCS Off (Vne) > 3000 lbs gross weight KIAS
Max Speed AFCS On (Vne) < or = 3000 lbs gross weight KIAS
Max Speed AFCS On (Vne) > 3000 lbsKIAS
Max Airspeed with any number of doors offKIAS
Max autorational speedKIAS
Turbulence Penetration AirspeedKIAS
Airspeed MaxKIAS
Airspeed Continuous Operation RangeKIAS

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