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1980Brushfire (Allan Burns & Gene Reynolds)
1980*Cop (Seth Freeman)
1980Lou (Michele Gallery)
1980Pilot (Abby Mann)
1980Pilot (Stephen J. Cannell)
1981Pilot (Ronald M. Cohen, Barbara Corday, & Ken Hecht)
1981*Hill Street Station (Steven Bochco, & Michael Kozoll)
1981Jungle Madness ( Steven Bochco, Michael Kozoll, & Anthony Yerkovich)
1981Rape (Seth Freeman)
1981Strike (April Smith)
1982*Freedom's Last Stand (Steven Bochco, Michael Kozoll, Jeff Lewis, Michael I. Wagner, & Anthony Yerkovich)
1982Personal Foul (Steven Bochco, Jeff Lewis, Michael I. Wagner, & Anthony Yerkovich)
1982The Second Oldest Profession (Steven Bochco, Robert Crais, Michael Kozoll, & Anthony Yerkovich)
1982The World According to Freedom (Michael I. Wagner)
1982Blacklist (Seth Freeman)
1983Eugene's Comedy Empire Strikes Back (Steven Bochco, Karen Hall, Jeff Lewis, David Milch, & Anthony Yerkovich)
1983A Hair of the Dog (Steven Bochco, Jeff Lewis, & Anthony Yerkovich)
1983No Body's Perfect (Steven Bochco, Jeff Lewis, David Milch, Michael I. Wagner, & Anthony Yerkovich)
1983Officer of the Year (Karen Hall)
1983*Trial by Fury (David Milch)
1984Doris in Wonderland (Steven Bochco, Jeff Lewis, David Milch, & Peter Silverman)
1984Grace Under Pressure (Steven Bochco, Mark Frost, Karen Hall, Jeff Lewis, David Milch, & Michael I. Wagner)
1984All About Eve (Tom Fontana & John Masius)
1984Newhart (Tom Fontana, John Masius, Emilie R. Small, & Garn Stephens)
1984Qui Transulit Sustinet (Tom Fontana, John Masius, John Tinker, & Mark Tinker)
1984*The Women (Tom Fontana, John Masius, & John Ford Noonan)
1985Child Witness (Deborah Arakelian)
1985*Who Said it's Fair: Part II (Patricia Green)
1985The Rise and Fall of Paul the Wall (Jacob Epstein & Michael I. Wagner)
1985Pilot/Brother's Keeper (Anthony Yerkovich)
1985Murder, She Rote (Steve Bello, Tom Fontana, & John Masius)
1985Sweet Dreams (Tom Fontana & John Masius)
1986What Are Friends For? (Dick Wolf)
1986The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice (Debra Frank & Carl Sautter)
1986Twas the Episode Before Christmas (Glenn Gordon Caron)
1986Haunted (Charles H. Eglee, Tom Fontana, Channing Gibson, John Masius, & John Tinker)
1986*Time Heals (Tom Fontana, John Masius, & John Tinker)
1987Turn, Turn, Turn: Part I (Georgia Jeffries)
1987It Ain't Over Till It's Over (Jeff Lewis, David Milch, & John Romano)
1987Sidney the Dead-Nosed Reindeer (William M. Finkelstein)
1987*The Venus Butterfly (Steven Bochco & Terry Louise Fisher)
1987Atomic Shakespeare (Ron Osborn & Jeff Reno)
1987I Am Curious...Maddie (Glenn Gordon Caron, Roger Director, Charles H. Eglee, Karen Hall, Ron Osborn & Jeff Reno)
1987Afterlife (Tom Fontana, John Masius, & John Tinker)
1988Pilot (Ron Koslow)
1988Pilot (John Sacret Young)
1988Beauty and Obese (Terry Louise Fisher & David E. Kelley)
1988Full Marital Jacket (Steven Bochco, Terry Louise Fisher, & David E. Kelley)
1988The Last One (Tom Fontana, Channing Gibson, Bruce Paltrow, John Tinker, & Mark Tinker)
1988*Business as Usual (Paul Haggis & Marshall Herskowitz)
1989His Suit Is Hirsute (Steven Bochco, David E. Kelley, William M. Finkelstein, & Michele Gallery)
1989I'm in the Nude for Love (David E. Kelley)
1989Urine Trouble Now (David E. Kelley, William M. Finkelstein, Michele Gallery, & Judith Parker)
1989*First Day/Last Day (Joseph Dougherty)
1989The Mike Van Dyke Show (Marshall Herskovitz & Edward Zwick)
1990Bang...Zoom...Zap (William M. Finkelstein & David E. Kelley)
1990*Blood, Sweat, & Fears (David E. Kelley)
1990The Go-Between (Joseph Dougherty)
1990Pilot (Mark Frost & David Lynch)
1990Rest in Plain (Harley Peyton)
1991Lie Harder ( Judith Feldman & Sarah Woodside Gallagher)
1991Mutinies on the Banzai (Alan Brennert, Patricia Green, & David E. Kelley)
1991*On the Toad Again (David E. Kelley)
1991Pilot (Joshua Brand & John Falsey)
1991Second Look (Ann Lewis Hamilton)
1992Hello-Goodbye (Carol Flint, John Sacret Young, John Wells, & Lydia Woodward)
1992Master Magician (David Chase)
1992Burning Down the House (Robin Green)
1992Democracy in America (Jeff Melvoin)
1992*Seoul Mates (Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider)
1993The Lacemakeres (Bernard Lechowick)
1993*Three Men and Adena (Tom Fontana)
1993Manhood (Walon Green & Robert Nathan)
1993Kaddish for Uncle Manny (Jeff Melvoin)
1993Midnight Sun (Geoffrey Neigher)
1994NYPD Lou (Ted Mann)
1994Personal Foul (Burton Ausmus & David Milch)
1994Pilot (Steven Bochco & David Milch)
1994*Steroid Roy (Ann Biderman)
1994Tempest in a C-Cup (Gardner Stern)
1995*Love's Labor Lost (Lance A. Gentile)
1995Pilot (Michael Crichton)
1995Pilot (Winnie Holzman)
1995Simone Says (Steven Bochco, Walon Green, & David Milch)
1995Duane Barry (Chris Carter)
1996The Healers (John Wells)
1996Hell and High Water (Neal Baer)
1996Chapter One (Steven Bochco, Charles H. Eglee, Channing Gibson, & David Milch)
1996The Backboard Jungle (David Mills & William L. Morris)
1996*Clyde Bruckman's Final Response (Darin Morgan)
1997Faith (John Wells)
1997Whose Appy Now? (Neal Baer)
1997Tailight's Last Gleaming (David Mills)
1997*Where's Swaldo? (Stephen Gaghan, David Milch, & Michael R. Perry)
1997Memento Mori (Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan, John Shiban, & Frank Spotnitz)
1998Subway (James Yoshimura)
1998*Lost Israel: Part I (Bill Clark, Ted Mann, David Milch, & Meredith Stiehm)
1998Lost Israel: Part II (Bill Clark, Ted Mann, & David Milch)
1998Betrayal (David E. Kelley)
1998The Post-Modern Prometheus (Chris Carter)
1999Heart and Souls (Steven Bochco, Bill Clark, David Milch, & Nicholas Wootton)
1999*College (David Chase & James Manos Jr.)
1999Isabella (Mitchell Burgess & Robin Green)
1999Nobody Knows Anything (Frank Renzulli)
1999Pilot (David Chase)
2000Hush (Joss Whedon)
2000Funhouse (David Chase & Todd Kessler
2000The Knights in White Satin Armor
2000*In Excelsis Deo (Rick Cleveland & Aaron Sorkin)
2000Pilot (Aaron Sorkin)
2001Amour Fou (David Chase & Frank Renzulli)
2001*Employee of the Month (Mitchell Burgess & Robin Green)
2001Pine Barrens (Tim Van Patten & Terence Winter)
2001Second Opinion (Lawrence Konner)
2001In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (Aaron Sorkin)
2002*12:00 AM-1:00 AM (Robert Cochran & Joel Surnow)
2002Truth Be Told (J.J. Abrams)
2002On the Beach (John Wells)
2002Pilot (Shawn Ryan)
2002Posse Comitatus (Aaron Sorkin)
2003Twilight (Craig Wright)
2003Eloise (Terence Winter)
2003Whoever Did This (Mitchell Burgess & Robin Green)
2003*Whitecaps (Mitchell Burgess, David Chase, & Robin Green)
2003Twenty Five (Aaron Sorkin)
2004Pilot (David Milch)
2004Irregular Around the Margins (Mitchell Burgess & Robin Green)
2004*Long Term Parking (Terence Winter)
2004Unidentified Black Males (Matthew Weiner & Terence Winter)
2004Where's Johnny? (Michael Caleo)
2005*Three Stories (David Shore)
2005Pilot (J. J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber, & Damon Lindelof)
2005Walkabout (David Fury)
2005Pilot (Denis Leary & Peter Tolan)
2005Middle Ground (George Pelecanos & David Simon)
2006Into You Like a Train (Krista Vernoff)
2006It's the End of the World/(As We Know It) (Shonda Rimes)
2006The 23rd Psalm (Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof)
2006Everyone's Waiting (Alan Ball)
2006*Members Only (Terence Winter)
2007Occupation/Precipice (Ronald D. Moore)
2007Through the Looking Glass (Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof)
2007Kennedy and Heidi (David Chase & Matthew Weiner)
2007*Made in America (David Chase)
2007The Second Coming (Terence Winter)
2008Six of One (Michael Angeli)
2008Get Me a Lawyer (Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler, & Daniel Zelman)
2008*Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Matthew Weiner)
2008The Wheel (Robin Veith & Matthew Weiner)
2008-30- (Ed Burns & David Simon)
2009The Incident (Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof)
2009The Jet Set (Matthew Weiner)
2009*Mediations in an Emergency (Kater Gordon & Matthew Weiner)
2009A Night to Remember (Robin Veith & Matthew Weiner)
2009Six Month Leave (Andre Jacquemetton, Maria Jacquemetton, & Matthew Weiner)
2010The Son (Rolin Jones)
2010Pilot (Michelle King & Robert King)
2010The End (Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof)
2010Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency (Robin Veith & Matthew Weiner)
2010*Shut the Door. Have a Seat (Erin Levy & Matthew Weiner)
2011*Always (Jason Katims)
2011Baelor (David Benioff & D.B. Weiss)
2011Pilot (Veena Sud)
2011Blowing Smoke (Andre Jacquemetton & Maria Jacquemetton)
2011The Suitcase (Matthew Weiner)
2012Episode Seven (Julian Fellowes)
2012*Pilot (Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon, & Gideon Raff)
2012Commissions and Fees (Andre Jacquemetton & Maria Jacquemetton)
2012Far Away Places (Semi Chellas & Matthew Weiner)
2012The Other Woman (Semi Chellas & Matthew Weiner)
2013Dead Freight (George Mastras)
2013Say My Name (Thomas Schnauz)
2013Episode Four (Julian Fellowes)
2013The Rains of Castamere (David Beinoff & D.B. Weiss)
2013*Q&A (Henry Bromell)

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