Old Norse Noun Inflexions

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Can you name the Old Norse Noun Inflexions?

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Strong neuter gen. pl.
Weak feminine dat. sg.
Strong masculine nom. sg.
Strong masculine acc. pl.
Strong feminine dat. sg.
Strong neuter dat. pl.
Strong neuter dat. sg.
Weak feminine nom. pl.
Strong feminine acc. pl.
Weak neuter dat. sg.
Weak neuter gen. sg.
Weak neuter acc. pl.
Weak feminine dat. pl.
Weak feminine nom. sg.
Weak masculine nom. sg.
Strong neuter acc. sg.
Weak masculine nom. pl.
Weak masculine gen. sg.
Weak masculine acc. sg.
Strong masculine gen sg.
Strong neuter acc. pl.
Weak neuter dat. pl.
Weak masculine gen. pl.
Weak masculine dat. pl.
Strong masculine acc. sg.
Strong feminine acc. sg.
Weak feminine gen. pl.
Strong masculine nom. pl.
Weak feminine acc. sg.
Weak neuter gen. pl.
Strong masculine gen pl.
Weak masculine acc. pl.
Strong feminine nom. pl.
Strong neuter gen. sg.
Weak neuter nom. sg.
Weak neuter acc. sg.
Strong neuter nom. sg.
Strong feminine gen sg.
Strong masculine dat. pl.
Weak masculine dat. sg.
Strong neuter nom. pl.
Strong feminine gen. pl.
Weak feminine gen sg.
Strong feminine dat. pl.
Strong feminine nom. sg.
Weak neuter nom. pl.
Strong masculine dat. sg.
Weak feminine acc. pl.

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