Billboard Modern Rock #1s (1990s)

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Can you name the #1 hits from the 1990s on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart?

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Weeks #1SongArtist
6-JAN-1990 - 13-JAN-1990The Jesus & Mary Chain
20-JAN-1990 - 3-FEB-1990Psychedelic Furs
10-FEB-1990 - 24-MAR-1990Peter Murphy
31-MAR-1990Sinead O'Connor
7-APR-1990Midnight Oil
14-APR-1990The Church
21-APR-1990 - 5-MAY-1990Depeche Mode
12-MAY-1990Sinead O'Connor
19-MAY-1990Midnight Oil
26-MAY-1990The Sundays
2-JUN-1990Depeche Mode
9-JUN-1990 - 7-JUL-1990World Party
14-JUL-1990 - 4-AUG-1990Concrete Blonde
11-AUG-1990; 25-AUG-1990Gene Loves Jezebel
18-AUG-1990David J
1-SEP-1990; 15-SEP-1990Jane's Addiction
8-SEP-1990The Railway Children
29-SEP-1990 - 6-OCT-1990; 20-OCT-1990The Cure
13-OCT-1990; 3-NOV-1990 - 17-NOV-1990The Replacements
27-OCT-1990; 24-NOV-1990 - 8-DEC-1990Jane's Addiction
15-DEC-1990 - 12-JAN-1991Sisters Of Mercy
19-JAN-1991Happy Mondays
26-JAN-1991 - 2-FEB-1991Sting
9-FEB-1991 - 9-MAR-1991Jesus Jones
16-MAR-1991 - 4-MAY-1991R.E.M.
11-MAY-1991 - 18-MAY-1991Simple Minds
25-MAY-1991 - 15-JUN-1991Elvis Costello
22-JUN-1991 - 29-JUN-1991Electronic
6-JUL-1991 - 3-AUG-1991Siouxsie & The Banshees
10-AUG-1991 - 31-AUG-1991Big Audio Dynamite II
7-SEP-1991 - 14-SEP-1991Psychedelic Furs
21-SEP-1991 - 19-OCT-1991Robyn Hitchcock
26-OCT-1991 - 2-NOV-1991Red Hot Chili Peppers
9-NOV-1991 - 16-NOV-1991U2
30-NOV-1991 - 25-JAN-1992U2
1-FEB-1992Talking Heads
8-FEB-1992 - 22-FEB-1992Lou Reed
29-FEB-1992 - 28-MAR-1992The Sugarcubes
11-APR-1992 - 2-MAY-1992The Cure
9-MAY-1992 - 16-MAY-1992Cracker
23-MAY-1992The Charlatans UK
30-MAY-1992 - 6-JUN-1992XTC
13-JUN-1992 - 4-JUL-1992The Cure
11-JUL-1992 - 1-AUG-1992B-52s
8-AUG-1992Faith No More
15-AUG-1992 - 19-SEP-1992Morrissey
Weeks #1SongArtist
26-SEP-1992 - 3-OCT-1992Peter Gabriel
10-OCT-1992Suzanne Vega
17-OCT-1992 - 14-NOV-1992R.E.M.
21-NOV-1992 - 28-NOV-199210,000 Maniacs
5-DEC-1992Soul Asylum
12-DEC-1992 - 9-JAN-1993Peter Gabriel
16-JAN-1993Ned's Atomic Dustbin
23-JAN-1993 - 27-FEB-1993Jesus Jones
6-MAR-1993 - 20-MAR-1993Belly
27-MAR-1993 - 24-APR-1993Depeche Mode
1-MAY-1993 - 8-MAY-1993; 22-MAY-1993 - 11-JUN-1993New Order
15-MAY-1993Depeche Mode
19-JUN-1993 - 17-JUL-1993Porno For Pyros
24-JUL-1993 - 7-AUG-1993Tears For Fears
14-AUG-1993 - 4-SEP-1993; 25-SEP-1993Red Hot Chili Peppers
11-SEP-1993Juliana Hatfield 3
18-SEP-1993; 2-OCT-1993 - 9-OCT-1993Blind Melon
16-OCT-1993 - 30-OCT-1993 Nirvana
6-NOV-1993 - 1-JAN-1994The Lemonheads
8-JAN-1994Pearl Jam
15-JAN-1994Gin Blossoms
22-JAN-1994 - 29-JAN-1994Nirvana
5-FEB-1994 - 5-MAR-1994Beck
12-MAR-1994Crash Test Dummies
19-MAR-1994 - 26-MAR-1994Tori Amos
2-APR-1994 - 14-MAY-1994Morrissey
21-MAY-1994 - 4-JUN-1994Live
11-JUN-1994Green Day
18-JUN-1994 - 23-JUL-1994Toad The Wet Sprocket
30-JUL-1994 - 6-AUG-1994The Offspring
13-AUG-1994Counting Crows
20-AUG-1994 - 17-SEP-1994Green Day
24-SEP-1994 - 22-OCT-1994R.E.M.
29-OCT-1994 - 3-DEC-1994The Cranberries
17-DEC-1994 - 31-DEC-1994R.E.M.
7-JAN-1995 - 18-FEB-1995Green Day
4-MAR-1995 - 22-APR-1995Live
29-APR-1995 - 27-MAY-1995Better Than Ezra
3-JUN-1995 - 17-JUN-1995Soul Asylum
24-JUN-1995 - 15-JUL-1995U2
22-JUL-1995 - 19-AUG-1995Alanis Morissette
26-AUG-1995Green Day
2-SEP-1995 - 16-SEP-1995Silverchair
23-SEP-1995 - 30-SEP-1995Bush
7-OCT-1995; 28-OCT-1995 - 11-NOV-1995Goo Goo Dolls
14-OCT-1995Alanis Morissette
21-OCT-1995Presidents of the United States of America
18-NOV-1995 - 9-DEC-1995Red Hot Chili Peppers
Weeks #1SongArtist
16-DEC-1995 - 23-DEC-1995Bush
30-DEC-1995 - 24-FEB-1996; 9-MAR-1996Oasis
2-MAR-1996Smashing Pumpkins
16-MAR-1996 - 30-MAR-1996Alanis Morissette
6-APR-1996 - 4-MAY-1996Oasis
11-MAY-1996 - 1-JUN-1996The Cranberries
8-JUN-1996 - 22-JUN-1996Tracy Bonham
6-JUL-1996 - 20-JUL-1996Butthole Surfers
27-JUL-1996 - 30-AUG-1996Primitive Radio Gods
7-SEP-1996Pearl Jam
14-SEP-1996 - 5-OCT-1996311
12-OCT-1996 - 19-OCT-1996eels
26-OCT-1996 - 9-NOV-1996Sublime
16-NOV-1996 - 28-DEC-1996Bush
4-JAN-1997 - 25-JAN-1997Garbage
1-FEB-1997 - 22-FEB-1997U2
8-MAR-1997 - 5-APR-1997The Wallflowers
12-APR-1997 - 26-APR-1997U2
3-MAY-1997 - 17-MAY-1997The Verve Pipe
24-MAY-1997 - 21-JUN-1997; 5-JUL-1997 - 19-JUL-1997Third Eye Blind
28-JUN-1997The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
26-JUL-1997Matchbox 20
2-AUG-1997 - 20-SEP-1997Sugar Ray
27-SEP-1997 - 25-OCT-1997Smash Mouth
1-NOV-1997 - 13-DEC-1997Chumbawamba
27-DEC-1997 - 4-APR-1998Marcy Playground
11-APR-1998 - 23-MAY-1998Fastball
30-MAY-1998 - 28-JUN-1998Semisonic
4-JUL-1998 - 1-AUG-1998Goo Goo Dolls
8-AUG-1998 - 15-AUG-1998; 29-AUG-1998; 3-OCT-1998Eve 6
22-AUG-1998; 5-SEP-1998 - 26-SEP-1998Barenaked Ladies
10-OCT-1998 - 24-OCT-1998; 7-NOV-1998Hole
31-OCT-1998; 14-OCT-1998Goo Goo Dolls
21-NOV-1998 - 28-NOV-1998Lenny Kravitz
5-DEC-1998 - 19-DEC-1998Cake
26-DEC-1998 -13-FEB-1999; 27-FEB-1999Everlast
20-FEB-1998; 6-MAR-1999 - 3-APR-1999Sugar Ray
10-APR-1999 - 17-JUN-1999Lit
26-JUN-1999 - 9-OCT-1999Red Hot Chili Peppers
16-OCT-1999; 27-NOV-1999; 11-DEC-1999Creed
23-OCT-1999 - 30-OCT-1999; 13-NOV-1999 - 20-NOV-1999; 4-DEC-1999Bush
6-NOV-1999Foo Fighters
18-DEC-1999Limp Bizkit

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