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lim as x-->5 (x^2 + 10x + 25) / (x + 5)
lim as x-->0 sin5x/5x
lim as x-->c h(x) = L = lim g(x) as x-->c
If Left Hand Limit ≠ Right Hand Limit, then the Limit
What is the term for the slope of the graph of f at x= c
What is the term for dy/dx ?
What is the derivative of a constant?
What is average velocity? (write out the words)
Find the derivative of x^n
Which method of differentiation is important when using implicit differentiation?
If the second derivative has a positive slope, then what do you know about f(x)?
What is (dy^2) / (d^(2)x) ?
Differentiate: 3x^6 + 5x^4 - 2x3 - 1
What term applies to this: f’(c) = 0
What are the minimum and maximum of a function?
Differentiate: sinx
Differentiate: cosx
Differentiate: tanx
Differentiate: cotx
Differentiate: secx
Differentiate: cscx

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