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I went to a match the other day, I saw myself a white Pele, I asked my father who is he? He goes by the name of ----- ------Manchester United
---- -----, -----, He's bigger than me or you, He's gonna score one or two, ---- -----, -----Aston Villa
He's big, He's mad, He dances like your dad, ----- ------, ----- ------Tottenham Hotspur
He's big, He's bad, He comes from Trinidad, ------- -----Sunderland AFC
Ten men went to lift, Went to lift ----- -------, Ten men and their dumper truck went to lift ----- -------Tottenham Hotspur
Came all the way from sunny Spain, to play football in the rain, -------- ------, He's our number nine!Liverpool FC
He's here, He's there, He is everywhere, --- ----, --- ----Chelsea FC
---- wherever you may be, Have you heard of Man City? Never go there, It'll end in tears, They haven't won a trophy in 33 yearsManchester United
You are our Russian, our only Russian, You signed for us on deadline day, You'll never know ---- how much we love you, Until you score goals home and away!Arsenal FC
You're from Down Under, You scoring wonder, So please don't take my ------ awayEverton FC
Ferrari, Woooooaaaaahhhh, Can't drive it hohoho, Watch out for the tunnel my friend, Your ego won't fit in ---------Chelsea FC
He's Red, He's sound, He's banned from every ground, -----'s Dad, -----'s DadLiverpool FC
He scores with his left and he scores with his right, that boy ----- ------- makes Drogba look *****Fulham FC
---- --------, You're the love of my life, ---- -------- I'd let you sleep with my wifeArsenal FC
He signed from Real Madrid, We beat the Cockneys bid, -------, -------Manchester City
---- ----- woooooaaahh, ---- ----- woooooaaahh, He slipped when he kicked the ball, and Chelsea won **** allManchester United
You put your left arm in, Your left arm out, In out In out, You shake it all about, You do the --- ----- and your turn around, that's what it's all about!West Ham United
He's a magic man, He comes from sunny Spain, And he can play, Oh what's his name, It's ----- ------Everton FC
----- -------, -------, He's better than Frank Lampard, He can score from 40 yards, ----- -------, -------Liverpool FC
Who's that **** from Argentina? Who's a money grabbing *****, ------ ----- is his name, And he hasn't got a brain, He won't be winning trophies anymoreManchester United
----- do do do, He will stick to you like glueLiverpool FC
------- woooaaahh, ------- woooaaahh, He comes from Serbia, He'll ******* murder yaManchester United
--------, --------, Give him a pay rise and then he might scoreArsenal FC

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