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Can you name the us states by governor?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Dave Heineman
Bob Riley
Jay Nixon
Jim Douglas
Bev Perdue
Butch Otter
Bill Ritter
Joe Manchin
Bob McDonnell
Haley Barbour
Jack Markell
Deval Patrick
Sean Parnell
John Baldacci
Jennifer Granholm
Phil Bredesen
Sonny Perdue
Mitch Daniels
Charlie Crist
Mike Rounds
Bobby Jindal
Brad Henry
Mark Parkinson
Dave Freudenthal
Bill Richardson
Jack Lynch
John Hoeven
Jim Doyle
Patt Quinn
Jim Gibbons
David Patterson
Christine Gregoire
Ted Strickland
Chris Christie
Linda Lingle
Ted Kulongoski
Chet Culver
Mike Beebe
Jan Brewer
Rick Perry
Gary Herbert
Ed Rendell
Brian Scwheitzer
Mark Sanford
Tim Pawlenty
Donald Carcieri
Steve Beshear
Martin O'Malley
Jodi Rell

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