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Common NameFamily NameKey Characters
?large trochanters, terrestrial
?aquatic, mesothoracic legs closer to pro
?split compound eyes, short antennae
?elytra not covering abdomen, clubbed ant
?slender, long, elytra short
?metasternum sometimes w/ longitudinal spine
?lamellate ant, front tibia dilated toothed
?large mandibles
?pronotum with groove, gap between pronotum and elytra
?bullet shaped, iridescent
?prosternum w/ lobe into a depression
?elytra with network of ridges
?very plumose antennae
?luminescent abdomen
?loose elytra, and rounded apically
?scales or hairs covering body
?hairy, pronotum inverted triangle
?bright colors, dilated tarsal seg
?554 tarsi, notched eyes, ant 11 seg
?554 tarsi, pronotum narrower than head, loose elytra
?long ant, 1/2 or more body length
Common NameFamily NameKey Characters
?ant no more than 1/2 body, notched eyes
?beak usually present
?mosquito like
?ant short, ocelli present, tibae w/ prominent apical spurs
?small hairy, wings roof like over back
?male plumose ant
?stocky, somewhat humpbacked,
?Like mosquito, no proboscis, very plumose
?large eyes, head somewhat triangular
?wasp like, y shaped ant
?bearded face
?round head, long probiscus, often hairy
?bee or wasp mimic
?arista plumose, hypopleuron w/o bristles
?body metallic color
?longitudinal stripes
?resemble house, but larger and hairier
?stalked eyes
?front wings bright
?drab moths, w/ broad wings
?large moths, w/ bi or quad ant
Common NameFamily NameKey Characters
?large body, narrow wings
?white, yellow, orange in combo with black
?hair like ant, brown, tufts hair on thorax
?ant club hook like
?tails on wings
?small, white orange yellow, forked claws
?reduced front legs
?thread ant, rectangle head
?apical abdomen seg has spear plate
?slender, w/ long ant. trochant two seg
?no recurrent vein
?black, long and slender
?concave abdomen, metallic green
?body black, orange wings, curled ant
?pronotum short and colar like
?metallic green
?dense hair underneath abdomen

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