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Can you name the places or items that are the most northerly?

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Pole (geographic)90°00'N
Ice camp88°11' N (varies)
Country (overseas territory)83°40'N
Permanent settlement82°28′N
European country81°51'N
Rocket launch site80° 27'N
Town over 200078°13′N
American area (USA)71°23'N
World Heritage Site71°14′N
EU member country70°05'N
Town over 50,00069°40′N
City over 100,00069°20′N
James Bond filming location69°00′N*
City over 250,00068°58′N
McDonald's restaurant66°30′N
Capital city (constituent country)64°10′N
Capital city64°08′N
City over 1,000,00060°10′N
City over 5,000,00059°57′N
City over 15,000,00055°45′N
Asian country (exc. Russia)55°06'N
Naturally occuring palm tree/habitat43°42′N
City over 20,000,00040°39′N
Ancient Wonder of the World37°56′N
City over 25,000,00037°33′N
African country37°21'N
Caribbean country27°16'N
South American country15°40'N
Oceanian country14°32'N

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